Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sick Babies

I hate when my boys are sick. It makes me so sad... except one thing... they are much more cuddly then usual... here is some evidence of life the past month around our house...

We hadn't used a swing in months! We sold ours, but thankfully my mom still had here's. It's been my savior this week!!

Things are starting to look up around here...

Just in time for the Christmas holiday to start!!

Someone is VERY excited for Christmas... can you guess who?!


Ryan and Carrie said...

Hi! I found your blog from the monogram post over at Kelly's Korner. I am expecting a son named Ryder next month. Do you have any monogrammed items you are selling?


Alisha Harris said...

I have a Ryder as well and wanted to see what you have! Thanks!

Becky1163 said...

I have a Ryder too. He is in 2 and 3T. I am interested in what you are selling.

Brittany said...

i'd be interested in R clothes.