Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Claus Visit

I was so excited we could go visit the Bass Pro Shops Santa in Fort Myers this year. Last year all my friends kept posting pictures of their visit to the Winter Wonder Land they put on there, and I was jealous!! It just looked so much better then the typical mall Santa. It definitely lived up to my expectations. They transform a whole section of their store into such a magical place. While you wait in line (which we waited 45 minutes because we had to go at night), they have tons of crafts and games going on for the kids to keep them busy. They also had popcorn and fudge on sale, but we managed to escape that. They boys really enjoyed their snow display they had out...

Ryder about to make it snow

There we go
Landon checking the stuff out

I think he likes it :)

Bubby made it snow on him!

What a great way to keep kids happy while waiting for Santa!

Finally it was our turn to go see Santa! Ryder had been scared the last two years and needed LOTS of coaxing, but he seemed pretty confident this year. We kept telling him he was going to have to introduce Landon to Santa because they hadn't met yet. You have to walk down a big red carpet to get to Santa in his chair, and Ryder grabbed my hand, then Daddy's, then ran behind the stroller with Auntie Ally, and then ended up in my arms by the time we hit the chair. I had both boys in my arms, and I whispered to Ryder asking him if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap. I was expecting a no and for him to grasp me even hard, but instead he whispered back, "Yes, Mommy" and into his lap he went. I then expected Landon to cry because he's had some stranger anxiety, but he happily went right into Santa's lap!!

Ryder was SO excited, and I would described Landon as being in awe of the old guy :)

Taking their picture for the camera

And his eyes are right back on Old Saint Nick....

Look at how cute Ryder's face is!

He just wouldn't stop starring at him!

Melts my heart :)

Ryder asked Santa for a Thomas the Train track. He had been telling me that was what he was going to ask for for a month now. Mind you he never watches the show and has none of the stuff. He has just seen a commercial over and over again. The day we were going he changed his mind and said he wanted this white match box car from the Cars 2 movie. Due to a recent purchase I was quick to remind him he wanted the Thomas the Train track :)

And the official shot

The next day Landon and I were at the mall getting some Christmas shopping done while Ryder was at school. Santa had no line and was just kind of hanging out. I stopped for a second so Landon could see Santa again. He came up to us and asked me if he could hold him. The photographer was busy taking pictures of a family in Santa's chair because the little girl wanted nothing to do with Santa being around. Santa snuck around this tree and told me to snap a picture with my phone really quick while they weren't looking :) What a sweet guy! I know Landon looks less then excited in all of these pictures with Santa, but honestly it was because it was hard to get him to look at us and not Santa. He was so enthralled with him. I love it :)

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Liz said...

What good Santas - they look so Real!!!! Love it :)