Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some catch up before a Christmas post...

And i'm back... Sorry for the hiatus. Christmas time gets a little crazy for us. My birthday is the 15th, Hailey's is the 22nd, and with Christmas just three days later things go non-stop for us. So... before I do the Christmas post I figured i'd get up some more pre-Christmas stuff.

We have attempted home made ginger bread houses a few times with the girls. We used gram crackers and frosting, and just never had much success. I wanted to let Ryder try one this year, but knew he'd only be able to do candy so I went out on a limb and bought one of the tacky premade ones. I must say i'm totally sold! I think the "frosting" in those kids is pretty much just glue, and it was so easy! We will be sticking with those in the years to come. Ryder loved it!!

Landon watching on
(Nini.. I think he has some growing to do into his Temple onesie)
Ally helped with the frosting
Ryder did all the candy

The finished productCHRISTMAS COOKIES
I love Christmas in Florida. I love everything about Florida, but I will admit making cookies down here wasn't the same. It's a tradition we started after moving up to Cape Cod, and it always happened to snow the day we made them. It also wasn't the same without my aunt there. We always put on our Santa hats and drove into Larry's to deliver them. Luckily we didn't have to do that this year, because the cookies ended up not being edible haha.

I don't have much to show as far as pictures for this, but rest assured it mine as well have been Ryder's birthday. As he put it "ALL of his girlfriends were spending the night at his house". He was in heaven!! These girls were up until 5 AM. Now I remember those days quite well with my friends, but I had a baby up with an ear infection that night and did NOT think it was cool. Needless to say when Ryder asked to see the girls at 7:30 am I did not stop him from going in their room :)
Amanda and I decided to take the kids to the beach last Friday. It was so gorgeous. We sat right next to the pier so the sun wasn't on the babies at all. We stayed for about two hours, and the kids were great the whole time. We then put our stuff in the car and ate some Dairy Queen to top off our great day. It was so fun we are heading back again this Friday :)

Dyson did that sand taste yummy?
I'm thinking they are totally going to be best friends
Snack time at the beach

This picture might not actually be cute, but Ryder had Sophia laughing so hard. It was just adorable. The two of them are so cute together.

Hoping to work on a Christmas post and an 8 month post, but Landon is on his 2nd ear infection this month. We are a week into antibiotics, and I don't think they are working. He's miserable when he lays down to sleep :( Hopefully i'll get them up soon!

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