Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O' Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree?!?! That sounds like fun!! Let's get it up!!!

The hard working elves taking a quick break to let Mommy take a picture

I know this is slightly blurry, but I still had to share

Ryder was such an amazing helper this year. He hung every single ball. Such a change from two years ago when he just threw them all and broke them. I love the Christmas spirit inside him :)

Brutus was watching over us as we got the tree up :)

Attempt at a family photo with our tree

Attempt #2

We're all ready for you Santa!

(I realized Landon's stocking was reversed of ours when we hung them, and we have since ordered and hung his matching one.)

I've done a dated ornament every year our family has changed

2006: Our first Christmas together - we were engaged two months later

2008 - Ryder joined our family

2010 - I had a little baby in my belly waiting to make his arrival

2011 - What we think will be our last updated ornament with the addition of Landon :)

We have a ton of photo ornaments on our tree, and my goal is to one day have it be all custom/handmade ornaments.

Ryder and I worked on that this week with these additions

(we are still working on one of Landon's)

And Ryder's first Christmas project at school.... I love it!

Lots more holiday updates to come!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness what cute pictures. The boys could not be more adorable. Your family is just precious.
I'm glad to see you are all enjoying getting ready for Christmas :)