Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moving, Mustaches, Medals, and an Elf


Yeah... our little guy is moving... on the go... army crawling... whatever you want to call it. He is getting where he wants to go, and it's getting faster by the day. He's starting to get his legs underneath him, getting his belly more off the ground, and his arms higher up every time he gets the chacne to crawl. My prediction is that by Christmas we will have to be 100% baby proofed in this house!!

It was this night we decided that moving my childhood dog's ashes off the shelf might be a good idea.

This picture has nothing to do with the post title, but I love watching my boys be nice to each other.


My boys and I at dinner Friday night. We were out with a couple of my sisters friends. They were full of it and bought fake mustaches out of the coin machine...

What do you think? Does it make him look older? :)


Ryder got his medal for t-ball yesterday. This is the best picture he would give me so I guess it'll have to do. The last game is next Saturday. Ryder has really progressed this season in understanding the game, but even more so in learning to play with friends and listen to people other then us (some days). We've truly enjoyed every Saturday morning out at the t-ball field and will miss it. Basketball starts in January!!


Have you heard of The Elf of the Shelf? For anyone that hasn't, a quick overview. The Elf on a Shelf is a book (and movie now) that tells the story of an elf that comes every Thanksgiving. Once he is given a name he gains his magic. Every night he flies to the North Pole to tell Santa if you are being naughty or nice. He then comes back in the morning before the kids wake up in a new place every morning. No one is allowed to touch him or he'll lose his magic. Ryder named his elf Brutus last year after one of our favorite monster trucks. This is our first year really participating, and Ryder loves it! He can't wait to find where Brutus landed from his trip to the North Pole the night before. Some people get really creative with notes and fun things the elf messed up before. I'm thinking we might save that for another year since we have lots of Elf on the Shelf years ahead of us :)

Brutus's resting spot yesterday

We are in full Christmas mode around these parts... the house is decorated, Christmas t-shirt and pj's being worn quite often, outside lights are up, trees are going up tonight, advent calendars are made and hung, almost all presents are bought, and my Christmas cards get here tomorrow for me to mail out! I loveee this time of year!!!

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