Thursday, December 15, 2011

Papi's Visit

This past weekend we got a long overdue visit from Papi. It had been over a year since we had seen him in Pennsylvania and needless to say my boys were very excited to see him! Derrik was working when he arrived Friday morning so the boys and I went to get him.

My boys waiting for Papi walk out of the terminal

So happy he's finally here!!!

That night Derrik had to officiate some basketball games so we tagged along at the end of them so Ronnie could see Derrik in action, and we all went to dinner together after.

Hanging out in the stands

Saturday morning was our last t-ball game. I am so sad our season is over. Ryder came such a long way, but we have basketball season right around the corner after the holidays!

Ryder trying to get his bubby to look for a picture

throwing a ball to home

going to catch a ball

Go Team Orange! Great Season boys!!!

The Four Boys :)

Landon didn't take long to warm up to his Papi at all :)

Pooped out after his game as usual.

Nini thank you so much for his snowman toy! Both boys loveee it!

After naps after t-ball we all spent some time in the pool

He's pretty into his tongue lately

So my family are Dolphins fans and Derrik's family are Eagles fans.

They played each other this weekend and here Ryder is telling Papi the Dolphins were going to win

Butt Head not wanting his picture taken

The four guys again

Playing some basketball Sunday afternoon

Landon watching everyone play basketball....

Check out that hair once again


Thanks for a great visit! We hope it's not too long until we see you again. The boys miss you so much already!!!

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