Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

My parents and sister came up for Thanksgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving!! We were all so excited to see each other. It had been since mid-July… and WAYYYY too long!!! We really had no plans except a little NYC trip that Tuesday. We just hung out and enjoyed each others company….

I had signed up to do the class gift for Ryder's class because I knew Ally would be here to do it for me. 
She made this turkey for me :)
Some pictures my sister took...

Monday Derrik and I got to go to Ryder's little thanksgiving party. It was so fun seeing him in his classroom. Since he takes the bus we hardly get to see anything for ourselves. 

Meanwhile… this little dude went to Chocolate World with the rest of the crew

My mom, sisters, and I had planned a girls day to NYC. The boys are finally to an age that leaving them in the mens hands for the day isn't a complete disaster :) Actually Derrik is amazing with them now that they aren't such babies anymore. I guess that stage just isn't for me haha!! Anyhow… This was my boys before I left. I love them sleeping :) Don't tell Derrik I put this up!
Hailey and I looking half awake
NYC or bust!! 
We found the parking lot in Jersey and got on the bus… an accomplishment for these non city girls! 
This was supposed to show time square in the background :) lol

The Today Show… i've watched this show since my high school days. It was so weird seeing it in person. 
Kelly Clarkson was there that day. 
My favorite ladies!! 
Ryder's gift
My mom is obsessed with Woodstock… she always buys their holiday stuff. It's kind of not my thing. She's told us she wants us to get one tattooed really tiny on our body when she passes away. Weird huh? lol… Anyhow… what are the chances that our first official girl trip they were handing these guys out for free as a promotion at the today show, and now my boys both sleep with it at night!! STRANGE!!
Natalie Morales… just walked out of work right onto the city streets… 
Radio City Music Hall
Showing Adam some love :) we were mean and just sent the picture, and didn't actually buy it for him. We're cool like that
We ate the Hard Rock and they had a bunch of Twilight stuff. We like the movies, but aren't die hards. We kind of felt obligated to take pictures with some of the stuff for some certain someones that are die hard fans ;) 

A collage Ally made of our day
Hot chocolate and whipped vodka… Adam's in town!!!

Of course we had to text some of our favorite people… and got this back :) 
Can't wait for some pond days with these two this summer!! 
Another craft I made Ally make me.. I did help some with this one :)
Dinner drinks with Adam… love my fun cousin!! 
Riding the bull at Texas Roadhouse

Parade time with his Auntie Ally
Family picture with our Bubby in Florida… We love you Ryan!

Fun little walk/photo shoot

My sweet little boy with the croissant 
Hubs and I scored our first black Friday deal ever together… we got a 60" tv and were gone for all of an hour. It was great!
My boys… Ryder slept with us due to lack of bedding over the holidays… it was fun while it lasted :)
The next day we went to Amish Country. We shopped some antique stores and went to our favorite farm for some ice cream and to see how the animals had grown since summer. 

My dad is amazing at building things with pallet boards. It's all over Pinterest these days, and it's amazing what he can create with some free pallet boards and nails!! This was my first ever run with him :) 

The next day while Grammy manned the kids… 
I helped my dad build a stand for my Christmas mini shoots

I lovedddd how it turned out!!! 

Another great holiday in the books :)

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I lovveeee your stuff for the Christmas shoot. I wished you lived closer.