Friday, December 20, 2013

Heisey's.. Brutus.. Lights.. and a little extra thrown in :)

This was the night after my family left. They wanted to show Grammy they were sleeping with their Woodstock's
 This kid :) he's so goofy!!
 yay for more Christmas pi's. I always have a rule in the month of December… if Christmas shirt or pjs are clean we wear them! It goes by so fast!! 
Although Derrik and Chris worked in quite a few golf outings and a tennis outings, we had yet to officially get together with the Heisey's after baseball season came to an end. Our lives have all changed SO much since we lived together back in 2009 during Spring Training and our ghetto little apartment in North Carolina. It is SO nice whenever we can get together with the Heisey's and catch up. They just bought a beautiful new house, and deserve every bit of it! They are becoming new parents in January (if little Caden holds out!!) I get to photograph the little guy and can't wait!! The next few photos are some from the fun day we had at their house!! 

Sometimes he's just too cool for me!! 
 Confused identity?!
 Our elf Brutus FINALLY made his grand arrival for the Christmas season :) 
 The face of an EXTREMELY excited 5 year old and a slightly confused 2 year old 

That day Brutus came we DID Christmas… we bought outdoor decorations, decorated outside, decorated inside, went and cut our tree down, put it up, and decorated it all in one day!! The boys loved it… 

I HATE inflatables!! Landon LOVES inflatables!! Seeing how much he loves them though makes me want to go buy every single one out there. We did settle on this little Santa. Landon LOVESSSS him!!! 
 Putting up some lights

Ryder drew Brutus a picture of himself :) He's become quite the little artist. 

tree comes in the next post…. To Be Continued… 

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