Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa Claus

Our boys were very excited to meet Santa Claus this year!! We had been talking for a while about what they were going to tell Santa they wanted for Christmas this year.

Landon settled on goldfish very early on and that was that. And no he doesn't want a pet goldfish.. he wants a bag of the sour cream and onion goldfish. Easy enough :) We'll take it!! 

Ryder wanted the red Power Ranger costume, mask, and suit. Mind you I was unaware he even knew what the Power Rangers were before this visit. It was a lovely addition to an already growing list. Glad Landon at least took it easy on Santa!! 

I started taking pictures as soon as Ryder walked up to Santa, and Santa snapped at me telling me to stop! I was totally caught off guard because we've always done this very freely in the past. I was irritated they didn't just have this posted somewhere or have an employee say it instead of Santa, but whatever… the kids didn't notice too much. Ryder loves this stuff and walked right up and got on his lap. Landon walked up second, and said "Santa I scared of you! I just give you a high-five." He is seriously such a character! He made a few more remarks about being scared. He isn't afraid to voice his opinion, but didn't put up a fight either to get his picture taken with the man in the red suit. He doesn't like his picture of him screaming with the Easter Bunny last year so a quick reminder of that got us a smile. 

Our official picture :)

While I was waiting in line to purchase the pictures, of course the line completely went away. The boys decided to go up again. Landon was telling Santa a lengthy story about how Brutus is living at our house. And you are allowed to take pictures from outside the gate… This Momma won't be visiting this Santa again!! 
 I hope my little guys get everything they wanted from Santa this year!!! 

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