Sunday, December 8, 2013

my little loves

These pictures were taken in November. My photography business was CRAZY busy. I was spending every second of my life running to take pictures, edit pictures, or mail pictures.



I had these two little boys who needed my attention, I had none to give them, they started acting out, I turned into a mean mom, and we all weren't very happy with each other. Sometimes enough is enough… I took a couple hour break from the computer one night to just hang out with my boys. We watched a cartoon together, read some books, and then they got silly. I didn't want to grab my camera because I was so over taking pictures, but just had to. They looked so sweet… so them. Not all dressed up, hair not done… just them being their silly selves. So glad I got these pictures :) and so glad I stopped to enjoy some time with them. 

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