Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our November

Life finally started to get a little cold, and we had to bundle up for those bus rides to school :)
 The one who thinks he's getting on the bus every day… gets his own jacket and book bag as well.
 Ryder's bracelet Ally sent him from the Selena Gomez concert
 Ryder is really into drawing since starting school. 
One day he started drawing what looked like scribbles, but CLEARLY had a purpose in his head. He then said hey mom hand me the tinker bell figure off your desk… He placed her right on his paper, and said look mom it's her pixie dust that flies behind her. I was pretty impressed :)
 Loved this candle :)
another date night… with kids… we stepped it up this night from McDonalds to Texas Roadhouse :)
 Derrik LOVES breakfast and so does Landon. He eats a full breakfast special by himself. 

 TV is great isn't it? :)
 Learning to read… crazy how fast it all happens. Teacher are AMAZING people!!
 At a Lower Dauphin high school playoff game…. the boys loved it!
 Could be him on that field one day :)
 Enjoy a game with my hubs at his old school
 7 days until Mack, Grammy, Auntie Ally, and Auntie Hailey got here
(their time here went way faster then the countdown took!)
 little man snuggling his blankies… big boy wearing his new school basketball jersey
 thankful and blessed
especially for these little lines of cars that appear all of my house :) 
I thought they were gone for good when Ryder outgrew it… I won't take it for granted now that Landon does it
 4 days until they came!

 love :) baby face
 Ally's countdown mail she sent us for their trip :)
 Just crushin' food
 Silly silly boy
 Landon and Hericka (Erika :) uncle Tommy's girlfriend)
 Silly Dalton :)

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