Sunday, December 22, 2013

O' Christmas Tree

Derrik and I have never done a real tree together. I bought a fake tree our first year together, and we'd rolled with it every since. About two years ago we couldn't find that tree (because we move too much!), and bought a really cheap fake one to take us through the year. When we did finally locate both trees during a move our good one got thrown away, and I was bummed every since. We looked at some nice fake ones this year, and those price tags are INSANE!!! Derrik finally suggested we just get a real one. I was into it since we hadn't done a real one on our own. We usually just tagged along with my family to get theirs. Last year when my parents came up we went to the move amazing tree farm!! I wanted to go back there, but had no clue where it was. Derrik looked one up, and we headed out. When we pulled up I freaked out because it was indeed the exact same Christmas tree farm!! AND… you can cut them down there!!! I have never cut down a Christmas tree, and it was definitely on my bucket list. I was one excited girl!!

Of course as soon as we got out of the car the sweetest orange cat came up to us. The guy informed us this cat had just shown up that day, and we could take him if we'd like. Of course there has been lots of cat talk around here, but we just aren't quite ready yet. 
 The guy gave us our cart to carry the tree back on, a real saw for Daddy, and two fake ones for the boys
 About to go find "the one"
 My boys cutting our tree down. 
 While the nice gentlemen was getting our tree ready to go on our car we ventured into their little winter wonderland they have set up. We had a fun time and got a beautiful wreath as well. 
 As soon as we got home we threw the boys in the tub, got their pjs on, and started decorating :) 
Of course the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting was on tv as well. Perfect timing!! 

 We have loved our real tree so far, and I think i'd definitely do it again :)

Our huge stack of Christmas cards ready to be mailed out...
 A gift Brutus brought one day… we are going to miss him when he heads back to the North Pole!! 
 And our official 2013 tree ornament!! The kids were so into looking at all the past ones this year. I will definitely keep this tradition going!!! 

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