Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This blog post is a hard one to type... Not one where I just want to write a quick "yeah and we said bye to our friends and hope we'll see them again soon" while I'm only half paying attention because an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians in on the in the background and the kids are playing distracting me every two seconds like most posts because it deserves SO much more then that! My whole life I dreamed of being Mom. I remember filling out a survey my senior year of high school telling us what we should do with our lives and mine pretty much summed up I should be a stay-at-home mom. Some people picture themselves heading off to college and taking on the world, becoming CEOs of big businesses, becoming a big time doctor, or becoming a famous actress. Not me... I always wanted to be Mom. I dreamed of having my own kids and spending my days with them all day every day. To me that was enough and all I ever dreamed of. I think the first year of being a Mom is always slightly disappointing because you are finally in that position you always wanted to be in and dreamed of, but your baby can't interact quite yet with the world and you feel trapped. You can't go on with your usual life, but you can't quite do "mom stuff" yet. I know all you mommy's out there know what i'm talking about :) Then somehow, without even realizing it, it happens! Your babies turn into toddlers and then little kids and make friends. Before you know it you are packing lunches for trips to the park, finding local fast food joints with playgrounds your new favorite hang out, your meet-up times are early morning or late afternoon because nap time is too precious to be missed, and you soon realize the weekend isn't quite so fun anymore because your husbands are off work and you can't have your girlfriends around  to help you pass time with your kids :) days like Tuesday for pre-school and morning breakfast and Wednesday play date day become your new favorite days of the week.

I never took our last year in Florida for granted, as I always knew that we were looking elsewhere at jobs. Somewhere though in the back of my mind I always hoped that the "right job" would be in Fort Myers because everything else fit so perfectly down there. Not only was my family there, but that life I always envisioned was there. Childhood best friends who had babies that were now my own own babies best friends. New friends who share a common past with you that becomes best friends so fast. Going places out and about and bumping into old friends that have their own families now. There is comfort when talking to someone and knowing they went to Verot like you, or went to Mariner and you know so-and-so who went there.  It just feels good and feels like "home". Friendships are special and aren't something you can just go into the store and buy. It's sad knowing that no matter where I go, whether it be the park or the grocery store, I will never bump into a familiar face. I'll never see an old friend from high school or childhood. That is the biggest heartache when it comes to moving. I just thank God that I live in a day that friends are a phone call or text away, I can see their faces over FaceTime whenever I want, and birthday parties or holidays are only a plane flight away these days. I just wish that jumping in the car and ignoring all household chores for a playdate was just as easy..... because we sure will miss them!!

Girls... Please know how much we have loved our time with you guys and hope for many more over visits in the years to come! The boys and I love you and your kiddos more then you will ever know. It breaks our heart to be so far away from you guys, and your friendships are irreplaceable!! 

Ryder and his best buddy Connor... These two are quite the pair :)
See you soon Mr. Connor... I'm sure you will make quite the cute Ring Bearer for Mommy's wedding in October!! We are SOO happy for you guys!!
Ryder and Sophia...
Thought about showing these pictures since they met at six month old, but i'm not sure my heart can handle that right now!! We love you Soso and will see you soon!!!

Oh these two... best buddies... I have loved nothing more then watching Dyson grow up every day for the last year. Bring tears to my eyes knowing how big he will be when I see him next.

I love you buddy!!
Big hugs good-bye... They were so non-chalant about it.
"Ryder's moving to Pennsylvania" doesn't have quite as big of an impact on a 3 year old as it does to a Mommy... they just don't quite get it. To them it's just down the road... no big deal :) Wish it felt that way to me!

Kisses good-bye from Sophia
Kisses for his girl....
Don't let those other boys in pre-school win you over next year Sophia :) Mommy and I are already planning your guys wedding!
Our babies saying good-bye...
They'll be such big boys when they see each other next!
Best Friends til the end....
I need to dig up some REALLY old pictures of us minus these four little ones...
Lots of history here... and lots more still to be made... I refuse to let the distance come between us...
We love you Miss Amanda, Gigi, Sophia, and Dyson!!
(Thank God for sunglasses... lots of tears going on in these pictures)

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Connor & Mama said...

Connor asked to see pictures of Ryder, so we hopped on your blog & found such a sweet post. We miss you already!! When I tell Connor he's got school in the morning, he'll tell me "Coen will be there. Ryder's on a trip." It's easy to cope if we just think of it as a "trip." Looking forward to seeing you hopefully in August!! And then again in October!! xoxoxo