Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pre-K 3 is in the books!

Our move timed rather perfectly for school with Ryder. He attended Noah's Nursery 3 year old program at his Aunties' school Fort Myers Christian. He went from a scared little boy who cried every single day I dropped him off to a little boy who practically ran into school forgetting to say bye at the end of the year. Ryder attended every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30-1:30. He loved his teachers Miss Kristen and Miss Evelyn. Sophia started up school about half way through the year with him, and Connor started going Ryder's last month there. He also made some of his own friends while there like Harry, Mason, Josh, Ally, and, of course, Wyatt. It was really fun to see Ryder bond with friends on his own without Mommy making them for him. Wyatt was by far his favorite friend in school. Ryder would tell me stories every day about the races they would have on the playground and how they would play with the train table together.

It was so fun every day to hear about Ryder's school day when we picked him up. It took time to figure out what goes on every day for those five hours we aren't with him, but I think we did end up figuring it out. He received stickers every day based on his performance during praise and worship time and circle time. He could get up to two stickers. Most days he came home with two, and his teachers would always tell me how vocal he was during praise and worship. My boys loves to sing and dance!! Seeing him out of school at events i've come to realize he is really great at participating in stuff like this which shocks me with his usual shy demeanor when meeting people. I think the most significant things he learned while in school is to identify part of his alphabet, draw some letters, and sing the whole alphabet on his own. He learned the days of the week and can sing the months in English and Spanish. I love that he learned that during prayer before lunch you fold you hands, bow your head, and close your eyes. He likes to remind us of this during prayer before dinner when we just simply fold our hands most of the time. I loved his projects he made during holidays, and will always have fond memories of his first year in school.

I am already looking into preschool for him in the fall. I really want to find a great school for him that will have him really prepared for Kindergarten in Fall 2013. With his August 25th birthday only six days before the cut off for the school year he will be the baby of the class having just turned five. I want to make sure this next year we have our little man fully prepared to hang with his older classmates come Kindergarten :)

And now some pictures of the last day of school.... Sure do wish I had gotten up early enough to shower. Not use to taking pictures on our way into school :)

Mommy and Ryder on our last day of school
June 5, 2012

 Ryder and Sophia's last day of school together.
 His first day back in August just shy of his 3rd birthday

While Ryder was busy at his last day of school, Landon, Grammy, and I did what we do best and went to have breakfast with Miss Amanda and Dyson. We always went to a breakfast place called Philly Junction every Tuesday. We would sit in a booth in the back of the restaurant and the babies could make as big of a mess as they wanted. We even brough a baby gate in once to block Dyson in. I looked forward to that breakfast every Tuesday to catch up (not like we didn't talk every day in between... just nicer face to face). Our last Tuesday we headed to Chic-Fil-A instead because it was getting impossible to eat at Philly Junction anymore with these babies... who aren't really babies. They enjoyed the playground at Chic-Fil-A much more!  Below is a picture of Landon climbing UP the slide and waiting for Dyson to follow him.
 After school we took Ryder to get some ice cream to celebrate. Check out how HUGE his two stickers were for his last day!!! His teachers must have spoiled him!!!

 The boys then got to skip nap and go swimming with Finley and Charli at Grammy's... I didn't get any pictures of the older kids swimming, but did manage to snap this cute picture of Landon and Charli. Charli turned two in April when Landon turned one... You'd never know since they are about the same size.. Landon might even be bigger!!!
I'm excited about enjoying summer with Ryder, and can't wait to see what the school year brings us in the fall!!!

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