Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May on the iPhone

Alternately Titles: The iPhone... The only place Mommy takes pictures these days!

And here we go....

My Mother's Day necklace Ryder made me at school

 Best buddies playing in the shower at the Little Dipper pool

Silly Boy :)
 Taking family pictures on FaceTime while Daddy was up in PA, and we were still in FL
 Lots of Mommy pictures with her boys because we sent a lot of pictures to Daddy this month while he was up in PA starting his new job

In this picture here my kids were sound asleep... I had to wake them up for a thing at school for Hailey. Within seconds both were screaming! Waking up your kids is the WORST!!!
 All better and on our way to the school :)
 I love Ryder's kisses
 Playing with the water table at Dyson's 1st birthday
 The birthday boy!! I can't believe our babies are one!
 Ryder and his partner in crime Connor. These two probably did this slide over a hundred times at the birthday party.
 Hitting the bottom of the slide with his buddy
 Ryder, Sophia, Landon, and Dyson taking a bath after the party
 A good morning picture to send to Daddy
On Mother's Dady Ryder fell asleep on me... What a great present!
 Soooo sleepy :)
 Showing off his new basketball outfit

 Ugh Oh....
 This morning both my boys woke up with fevers...
 Watching toons with their blankies trying to feel better
 That fever made him exhausted :(
 The next day they felt all better, and we went to Cathryn's (Uncle Ryan's girlfriend... and an old friend who we love!) house and got to swim in her lake
 And go tubing!! My 27 year old body can not hang like it use to... I paid for this fun time the following days!!!
 Landon loves to give Molly lovin'
 Ryder decorated some of the moving boxes so his Uncle Cole and Uncle Dalton would see them
(They are 5 and 9, and Ryder has since met them.... They totally hit it off. It's all i've heard about!!)
 Ryder played hookie from school this day because he was excited for Daddy for fly in for a few hours before Mommy and Daddy left for PA with the moving truck
 Being silly... Landon was sleeping in the car so we were giving him a few minutes rest :)
 Looking for Daddy's airplane

Derrik and I in the moving truck moving our stuff
 Meanwhile... The boys were in Florida at Grammy and Mack's... we got lots of pictures throughout the week....

Picture during FaceTime with my sweet boy...

Whew... what a month... After this last picture I flew back to Florida for one last week in Florida with my boys... I'll be back to blog about that soon :) 

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