Saturday, August 29, 2009

See Ya Later Eastern Standard Time...

Last night Derrik and I made it to Gainesville before we stopped to get a hotel room. We have to get hotels rooms at night so we can let the cats out of their cages to go to the bathroom. They travel great and go right into their throw-away litter boxes. I think in our sleepy slumber we forgot to ask how much the actual room was and paid $97.00!! Yeah we were stupid and plan on preparing a little better tonight. We were hoping for a $30-$40 dollar room. We don't want too ghetto, but don't need expensive either. The worst part was that the bed wasn't even good! Go figure!!!

We are still in Florida. This damn pan handle is awful! We did just in the last hour or so realize we crossed into Central Standard Time. Derrik and I are having an argument over the time zones. We know we are in Central right now, but aren't sure what is next. Anyone want to help us out and leave us a comment? Is Mountain Standard Time next? And then Pacific Standard Time? Help us out... we're East Coast people and have never done this before!

I leave you with a picture from us taking one of the final loads of trash to the dumpster last night. We had a full case of Coors Light on the top of the car that Ronnie had left behind. It feel all over the parking lots and cans were exploding everywhere! We both laughed and realized how much Derrik's dad would have been freaking out if he saw his beer fizzing all over the apartment parking lot! So here is a picture for you to ponder on Ronnie :)

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Anonymous said...

Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific!!! I know it is a pain, but we LOVE the pictures you post.

Karen and Scott