Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grasshopper vs. Cat vs. Baby

The other day I was once again sitting here doing work and noticed the window sill was quite busy. Usually whenever Ryder heads that direction the cats will run away and let Ryder claim his territory. Well the other day the cats were holding their ground, and I couldn't understand why. They hate when Ryder beats on them so why weren't they running away.... The grasshopper! There was a grasshopper moving around on the screen outside the window which the cats thought looked very yummy! The two of them guarded the grasshopper all morning. In this video is Turbo taking her turn... or maybe I should call it her beating!

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The Stevens Family said...

Isn't it amazing the beatings our animals take from our boys?! Loved all your posts. Was too lazy to post something myself, so was glad to have lots to read on your page : ). That park looked awesome too- would love to find one for little- little people!