Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It coming's... AGAIN... The Craziness!

So just as we settled into a perfect routine we have to start thinking of how we are going to move AGAIN... Yes it is already that time. For those of you not paying attention, the Reds rehab where they do their spring training which has been Sarasota, Florida for years, but, lucky us, they are moving out of Sarasota and out to Goodyear, Arizona this year. So we get to add another move to our crazy lives! So all of this might be a random explanation of what is going on, but honestly it is just as scartered in my head!

... Ryder's birthday is August 25th (don't even get me going on my mixed emotions with this!), so my family will be coming down the week before to celebrate, get some beach time, and catch up with old friends. Unlucky for us is the fact that it's an hour and a half drive which we will be making a few times throughout the week. I plan on packing supplies in the car and living on the road this week. To throw an extra twist into it all, we will be lucky enough to have Ryder's Papi visiting for his birthday also! We are very excited to get some more unexpected time with him so soon!!!

So with all this talk of birthday.... that means I get to plan a birthday party between all of the traveling back and forth and thinking about moving a week after. I am very excited to be having his party, but am just stressed about getting everything together while living out of our car and being on the go all week.

So my family is flying back up to Cape Cod on the 26th (the day after Ryder's birthday). I have asked my mom if she would mind taking Ryder back with her (since it's free for him to go with them) and of course they love the idea.

So with family and baby gone that gives us about two days to get our lives packed up into our cars. What does this entail? It means getting my brother (or his truck) up here twice to bring the couch and bed back to my grandparents. The annoying part is it takes two trips since the bed of his truck isn't big enough! We then have to get a u-haul tow trailer for the second car and try to pack our whole lives into the cars.... along with our dog and two cats. I don't know what to do with all of Ryder's baby stuff we needed when season first started that he has now grown out of. Do I give it up? Do I ship it back up north? Do I want to spend the money to ship it? One thing is for sure... I don't want to be traveling with all of this stuff we don't need!

Once we are all packed up we get to drive to Arizona. The drive is going to stink as all traveling does, but Derrik and I haven't been out west and are kind of looking forward to the time together. He has tried to convice me to camp on the way out over the nights, but I found a good way out... we have the cats! Thank God I thought of that!! Haha!

So we did find a condo out there to live in!!! It is fully furnished, two bedrooms, two baths, and looks very nice! And yes... I did say two bedrooms! I am not sure if I have actually confessed on my blog, but Ryder has been sleeping in a walk-in shower and two closets since we have left his beautiful nursery when baseball season started. He loves his dark spaces, but it will be very nice to put him into an actual bedroom!!! Maybe in my spare time i'll find pictures of him in his shower and closets... i promise we're good parents! So we will get out there and get settled... spend a ridiculous amount of money restocking yet another kitchen with the basics. Do any of you ever move and realize how expensive the "1st shopping trip" is? Getting the paper towels, toilet paper, ketchup, mustard, mayo, windex, dishwashing detergent, laundry detegent. You know what I'm talking about... it really puts a dent in your wallet when you have to do this ALL the time!

They have said we should be able to leave Florida August 28th or 29th so once I have a good idea of when we will be out there and settled i'll find a good date to fly back and pick up my little man from my parents! Because we all know after a few days how much I start to miss him :)

Sorry for the rambling, but I figured everyone needed an update of the chaos coming up... i'll be sure to blog about it all as it's happening! Sorry for any typos... too much to go back and correct.. Until then....

Some Random Stuff
Just a random picture of Ryder getting ready for a bath after a messy dinner the other night, but you can really see his two teeth if you double-click the picture :) You might also notice if they had baby braces that he'd be a candidate!
Ryder dropped his pacifier in the dog cage.. which was locked.. and was not pleased!!
Trying to get it out
Yelling at me to get it out!


Lea Liz said...

Ryder looks so cute!!

Wow girl you do have a lot coming up with the move and all, it made my head hurt..lol you're a trooper!!!

Anonymous said...

Would having a quick yard sale for the "stuff" put you over the edge?? You could make it simple....piles of stuff at certain prices??

Aunt Karen

The Lutz Family said...

Thanks for the idea, but we don't have enough... just a few things i don't want to part with... I think we finally have it figured out though :)