Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ryder's 1st Birthday Party

Ahh the much awaited birthday party pictures!

Ryder helping Mommy set up for his big party!
He makes this face a lot lately... it's pretty goofy!
Welcome to our little man's 1st birthday party
One of the party favors for the kids
Happy 1st Birthday Ryder... Loved this banner :)
The Lutz Family the day of the party
Ryder with his mommy and Aunties...
Yes Ally is pretty much taller then me now and is only 11!
Ryder with his Grammy and Grandpa
Ryder and his Papi
Ryder starting to show signs that planning a beach birthday party after three previous days on the beach was a BAD idea!
Amanda and Courtney enjoying the pool
The Birthday Cake
Ryder waiting for his cake... eyes wouldn't stop watering from the sunscreen/sun/exhaustion of the week we had already had....
Dakota and his mommy Nicole
Jack being as cute as ever!
Oh Papi! You are SO goofy!
Auntie Ally's head was too big for the little kid party hats
A candid shot of the birthday hats
Amanda and SoSo
The Birthday Cake.... With Ryder's cake to do what he pleased with....
An attempt at a group shot of the kids
And one Dakota didn't get cut out of...
I'm the Birthday Boy!
Wasn't a huge fan of his cake... I think it had to do with his exhaustion...
I'll prove it to you in a later post :)
We decided to put the cake on the ground and let the kids play in it
The aftermath
Happy again with his paci and his bull-dozer
Papi letting Ryder splash around in the cooler of beer
Daddy comforting his little boy after a long long long day... and weekend!


Lea Liz said...

So cute!!! I love the banner and birthday sign! The party favor pails are adorable and so is the cake!! Looks like a fun birthday!! :)

The Stevens Family said...

I hate that we missed out! Thank you for all the great pics and I love love love all the details (favors, banner, hats, cake,etc). Makes me realize I need to get myself in gear for Connor's big day. Love how the bull dozer made it in many shots too! :) Hope the drive is going by fast and you can get settled/your little man back and RELAX!