Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Presents and Some Family Photos

Thank you so much for all of Ryder's birthday presents! I would love to tell you all that he loves them, but after we opened them we traveled the next two days and then he went up to Cape Cod. His toys all fit into the car and are making their trek to Arizona as I type. I know he will love each and every one of them, and as for the clothes.... his Momma will love each and every one of them :)Also a huge thanks for all the gift cards! We have wanted to get Ryder a few bigger toys that we have been trying to hold out on until the move. We will definitely be making a trip to the toy store to purchase those for him! I was not picking favorites with the pictures of presents I put below... just simply the ones Ryder chose to look at the camera for!


Our big boy waiting to open his presents
Thank You Nicolosi Family for the Elmo balloon!
Ryder loved it, and I believe his dear friend Dakota is enjoying him now since we knew Elmo wouldn't survive the car ride with the heat and cats.
Ryder is going to love these blocks!
Ryder's girlfriend SoSo knows how to make her man look good!
Love the jean jacket SoSo!
The Lutz Family
Fort Myers Beach
August 2009
Ryder with his Mommy and Grammy
Papa, Mommy, Ryder, MiMi, and Daddy
Pictures with our family and Papi
Grandparents again.... what a lucky guy Ryder is to have sooo many grandparents!
Family Photo... My side of the family... just who happened to be there at the moment
At Last... a nice photo of the two of us! These are few and far between these days.
My husband is so handsome :)
Auntie Ally... Ryder Loves You!
Grandpa and Grammy

Papi and Ryder
Sisters.... Love you girls!

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