Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Day 2 started with us having to pack up our hotel room that we had just unpacked around midnight. Due to some confusion on hotel availability and work schedules it just worked out that we had to switch hotels for our two nights. We started packing up and soon realized it was freezing (for Florida) and raining. We all bundled up the best we could, got some food in our bellies, and headed out to Disney World's Animal Kingdom park.

My sweet baby and I

He spent the majority of the weekend in this snuggly. He was so happy in it, and I honestly enjoyed holding him without him squirming around so much like usual!

My attempt a nice photo with my boys.

Ryder woke up with a serious attitude that day, as you can see in the photo, and I decided that he would not get to meet Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger as a punishment to hopefully snap him out of it. He doesn't really even know who they are so I was hoping it was a good time to teach him a lesson without really missing out on anything. It didn't work because he started crying that he didn't want to take pictures with them even though I had already told him he couldn't see them. Three year olds will NEVER let you play mind games with them!!

Landon didn't really care for Pooh

He REALLY didn't care of Eeyore
But Tigger sort of won him over :)
Ryder and Auntie Ally enjoying the sarari ride
Miss Amanda, Sophia, and Pinkie
We were all pretty sure Pinkie picked up every germ in Disney World :)
Going... Going...
Meanwhile this guy would rather chew on Grammy's sweatshirt string
Somehow Ryder seeing this on the safari ride
Lead to him wanting this. Ryder very rarely asks to take things home. He's one of those kids in the toy store that loves something, but doesn't get the ask to bring it home concept. It's quite nice! He saw this Hippo in a kiosk right after the safari ride and HAD to have it. I tried talking him into the cute monkey stuffed animal or pretty much anything else other then this hideous hippo, but he pulled an "I love Hippo Mommy" and it was clear that it was no longer just a stuffed animal to him, but was now, yet another, one of his friends that will sleep with him at night. We are going to start needing our own suitcase to pack Ryder's animals he sleeps with. We have our three blankets, Teddy the Eagles bear, Sam the snake, Sparky the monkey, and now Hippo... Isn't he hideous?!
It was then time for the traditional face painting....
Soso sitting still for her turn
Just a snap shot of my happy baby during face painting...
He was seriously this happy almost all weekend.. he loved it!
Ryder transforming into a pirate, or as Sophia said "Pirate's of the Caribbean"
Cutest pirate i've ever seen :)
Love these two
Checking each other out in the mirror, or more like Sophia checking herself out :)
She could have starred at herself ALL DAY LONG!
I took her to the potty just after this, and she said to me as we were walking, "Miss Danielle, aren't I beautiful?"... This girl cracks me up! And of course I told her she was absolutely beautiful :) She is ALL girl!
It dawned on me we hadn't really gotten any pictures of the boys in their matching shirts. So we plopped them down right in the middle of a cafeteria floor inside the park. It was dark and quick... this is the best we got. We didn't even bother trying to get Ryder in there with them.
No clue what move Landon was trying to pull on Dyson in this one?!
He crashed soon after for a little nap on his Grammy
Someone is out cold!
He woke up just in time to see the parade though :)
Ryder getting another high five during a parade
This is Ryder saying "Auntie Ally Look!!!!!!!"
"Do you see who's coming?!?!?"

It's Mickey!!!
Landon's only real ride of the weekend... actually I think he did the merry-go-round as well... those picture must have been on the phones :)
Landon catching a ride on yet another person.... Love that face! He seriously loved the snuggly!
Best Friends...
I love that awkward pre-teen brace face look :)
They are still so beautiful!
It was then time for a serious snooze for this big boy
At this point Miss Amanda, Gigi, and the kids had to head home so Gigi could get to work on Monday. We spent our night in Downtown Disney eating a T-Rex and getting some fun Disney toys. We finally got all checked in at the Nickelodeon Suites Hotel late once again, and were treated to another great nights sleep by my boys.
Day 3 Pictures soon!
P.S. - You might notice that Ryder went from face painted to no face painted. Within an hour he started rubbing his eyes because he was getting tired. I kept telling him not to rub his eyes, and he told me to take it off. So before the parade started I was stuck using about twenty baby wipes to take it all off... You gotta love toddlers!

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