Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disney World Day 1: Magic Kingdom

As if Disney World isn't overwhelming enough with littles ones, the added stress of trying to snap a photo at every memorable moment can sometimes be too much. At one point I wanted to just tuck the camera away and be in the moment with the boys, but of course i'm glad I didn't. Now I can remember this trip with my boys forever!!

On Saturday morning my alarm clock went off at 4:30 to get up, ready, and picked up at 6:00 by Grammy and the girls. We arrived to Disney World just before 9:00, and headed up to Miss Amanda and Gigi's room to get our boys out of their pj's and into their Disney gear.

Didn't he look so excited to head into Disney?

One of my only attempts at a picture with both my boys this weekend... great one huh? :)

Anxiously waiting for the bus at the hotel to head to the park
After waiting for the bus, waiting about an hour in the ticket line (which we had bought in advance... total waste of time!), waiting for the ferry across the pond to the park, and waiting in the stroller line... we FINALLY made it in! I think two of the four kids had already napped at this point, but anyhow... we made it in!

First on our list was to see Mickey and Minnie

Waiting in line to see the stars of the day
Think my boys were a little excited about who they saw when we entered into the room... into yet another line.
Trying to get a sneak peak at Mickey
Finally meeting the duo
As you can see, clearly he was loving every second of it!
He loved them!!
We had bought our autograph book at the gift shop at the hotel before we caught the bus so we could document the whole trip and remember who we met.

Our official picture with Mickey and Minnie :)
Landon did well too, but kind of cared less. You'll see in later pictures he wasn't always so mellow about the situation.
Ryder and Ally...the relationship that has developed between these two lately is so special to me. Ryder absolutely adores his Auntie Ally, and I think she feels the same way. He loves everyone else too, but there is something special between the two of them. Sometimes I think he loves her more then me :)
Getting Pinocchio's autograph
Ryder, Pinocchio, and Sophia
And Pluto... for some reason he said we had to find Pluto. I wasn't even sure he knew who he was before we got there. He was so excited when we saw him.

These two napped while they held our spot for the upcoming parade. I think this is the only time they napped at the same time the whole trip. They were both so great, but as expect, a lot of work!
If I had to pick, I'd say the parade was Ryder's favorite part of Disney. He was so excited with every character he saw, and loved when he realized if he put his hand out they might come up and give him a high five.

My Momma and Auntie Ally :)
We always get this shot at Disney. It's right after the Buzz Lightyear ride. Ryder wasn't feeling it, but clearly Landon was judging by the smile on his face. I think he was just excited to not be held or in the stroller for a minute.

Ryder was so thrilled to see Buzz waiting right outside the ride when we got off. So we waited in yet another character line. Right before we got to Buzz Ryder told me he didn't want to see him anymore. I told him after waiting in the line we had to, and it was one of the highlights of his trip. Landon at this point developed some character anxiety.
We have two big food traditions in Disney World... Eating the Mickey Premium Bars and these lollipops... Landon liked the lollipop one :)
The castle just as it was getting dark
I believe it was nearing the 10 o'clock hour when this picture was taken.
These two were clearly exhausted!
And now they are cranky...
By the time we left the park, took the bus back to the hotel, got checked into our room, and moved all our stuff from Miss Amanda's room it was nearly midnight.... and clearly someone was done for the day!!
We ordered some pizza to fill our tummies, and then it was time for bed. I was SO nervous! It was the first time for Landon in a hotel setting, and Ryder's first time sleeping with someone. I thought for sure we'd be hearing from someone around the 5 am hour. Of course because of hotel blackout shades you never know what time it is. The kids slept throught he night, and in the morning I hear "Mommy, it's light outside". I asked my mom to check her phoen for the time and it was 8:20! I handed Ryder his video game while I jumped into the shower and everyone else slept until 8:45 or so. The boys did so amazing, and I couldn't have been more proud.
Day 2 coming soon!

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