Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine

We were in some serious need of some sun around here! Between the holidays and the move we haven't be able to enjoy this amazing winter weather in Florida for a while. We finally made our way to the beach today with friends, AND I broke out my real camera for the first time in a while. Only because I got a text from Amanda this morning that said "bring your camera today"... clearly she knew it had been way too long since we've gotten pictures of the kids together. Maybe the last time we were at the beach mid-December :)

Ryder absolutley loves the beach... Unfortunately his skin does not. We were there for two hours with 50 SPF which was also reapplied... his skin now looks like he sat out all day with no sunscreen :(

He just melts my heart with that smile!

Can you see them?! We officially got two brand spankin' new pearly whites last week!
Little Miss Sophia is getting so big... We can not wait to go to Disney World with her this weekend!
This is Miss Makenna
Her mommy Jaimie happens to be Amanda's other best friend and had the same due date as me.
She is, I believe, three days younger then Landon, and such a cutie pie! Lucky for us, she just moved back home from Tampa!!
Ryder trying fly a kite with Miss Amanda
She a cutie huh?!
And the last cutie pie of the group... He was snoozin' when we first got there :)

Ryder really loved this bubble machine
Sorry for the Dyson overload...
his Mommy just moved and needs some new pictures to put up around the house :)
These two loved the water today

I put Landon in the sand after he played in his stroller for about an hour, and he was hysterical. Later I put him up on the solid surface by the playground for a group baby shot, and he still wasn't having it!

We got asked multiple times if they were triplets
I'm thinking he might be developing a love affair with monster trucks like his brother

Such a great day!
We need to make an effort to get their more often!!

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Tricia said...

So jealous... On multiple levels! The boys are adorable as always! You need to turn that camera on yourself sometime! I miss seeing YOU, too!