Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day around here. Of course our day was documented on the crappy iPhone so we could send Daddy pictures throughout the day while he was at work so I guess these pictures will have to do. I need to start making an effort to pick my camera up more often. Holidays are getting hard to explain to Ryder. He thinks every one should be like Christmas. At least a few times a week he asks me when we can do Christmas again. He has no clue just how far away it is :) He didn't really understand this whole Valentine's Day thing before hand, but went along with it once he realized presents and candy were involved.

We got our Valentine's all ready for school the day before.
They said "Of all the fish in the sea i'm glad we swim in the same school" with swedish fish inside.

My Valentine on Valentine's morning
My littliest Valentine
Ryder all ready to bring his friends some Valentines
This is Ryder waiting in the parking lot at school to give Sophia his Valentine for her.
We went to Walgreens, and he picked out a purple rose and princess chocoloates :)
Ryder's Valentine's project he made at school for me :)
This will be framed in my house forever!!
His bag he made at school to hold his Valentine's from his friends
All his loot... He was one loved little boy :)
A close up of his art work
I asked Ryder to smile for me so I could have a picture to look at of him while I was a work...
He got really close and gave me this picture :)
The boys spent the rest of the day at home baking cupcakes and making dinner while I worked a wedding. It was such a sweet day with my boys :)

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