Monday, February 20, 2012

iPhone Photo Update

Mommy and Ryder being silly one night sending Daddy pictures

Moving can wear these boys out!

Hanging with Auntie Ally when we brought her to see our new home
The day of the "big move" I decided Landon would be much better off at school with Ryder then get banged up and tossed around with me. (My mom was in Tampa four extra days then expected with Hailey's wrist surgery... bad timing!) Landon did so great!! He won't be going back anytime soon though... I enjoy our one-on-one time together :)

This was Ryder carrying both of their book bags out to the car that morning
He was SUCH a huge help! I think he carried more stuff up the stairs that day then his Daddy did :) The next morning he couldn't walk his legs were so sore. He must has done the stairs fifty times that day. He was literally exhausted!!
"Helping" Uncle Bobby and Uncle Ryan
Derrik's work schedule was insane the week we moved, and we couldn't have done the move without these two!
Getting cleaned up in the new tub from the move... we was SOOO dirty!!
Riding with Daddy to go return the truck. He thought he was so cool in this truck!
Helping his momma out :)
I think the move and Monster Jam in the same weekend did the little guy in. By Monday he was laid up on the couch with a fever.
This little guy, however, never misses a beat!
Daddy helping Ryder unlock something on his Nintendo D.S.
It is scary how good Ryder is at this game!!
One morning Derrik and I were laying in bed with Ryder when Landon woke up. I was trying to get just one more minute in bed and asked Ryder to go talk to Landon. Instead he just threw in a bunch of toys and this is how I found him when I went in.
The sickness just never ends...
This little guy was miserable last week with a runny nose.
I think it has something to do with those two new teeth we got over the weekend :)
Last week we went to check out Dyson and Sophia's new house... they moved the same weekend we did!
Landon hugging his best friend Dyson... or strangling him :)
Ryder plopped this chair right up on the couch and started playing on the iPad... he cracks me up! Nothing like making himself at home.
Ryder was SOOO excited I got Landon these foam letters for the bath.
I have to admit i've never bought them before because my O.C.D. just made me cringe at the thought of having to pick up so many bath toys at the end of every bath.
My photo of my little guys mohawk while we waited for our table at dinner the other night
That's all for now... We are almost done with the final details on the new place... maybe the end of the week i'll have some pictures up. We are going to the happiest place in the world this weekend!! We will be in Disney World with some of our best friends :) Many pictures to come next week of that!!

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