Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monster Jam 2012 - St. Pete, FL

Right in the middle of our move we had tickets to Monster Jam up in St. Pete at the Bucs Stadium. It kind of just added to the exhaustion with the move, but was worth it because, of course, Ryder absolutely loved it. I'm not sure if going with Ryder during the terrible twos or with two kids this year was more exhausting. It was worth it though :) First we went to the pit party...

Posing with Max D (Maximum Destruction)
Daddy's favorite truck

El Toro Loco

We snuck into El Toro Loco's wheel when no one was looking. I need to get our picture of Ryder in Grave Digger's wheel from last year for comparison :)
He had a little meltdown and did not want his picture taken with Auntie Ally
With Spike and his driver
Checking out one of the new trucks, Grinder, way up high
Love them :)

And our favorite (well my favorite)...
Avenger... the 2011 Freestyle Champion
Getting his arm autographed

This little guy was pretty excited to watch all the trucks move from the Pit Party into the stadium
He loves his Auntie Ally
And... He was STILL happy at about 10 PM
And he's starting to fade... we made it almost 8 hours at monster jam without any major meltdowns... such a good boy :)
just precious...
And since no one wants to see a million blurry iPhone picture of monster trucks I picked the best one. Avenger has been our favorite Free Style the past two years :)

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