Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Straight from the iPhone

I think the iPhone is every mom's best friend and worst enemy...
Easy access for a picture at every single moment of your children's life,
the quality is terrible... you can't even print them with any quality at all...
Oh well, it is what it is... without further adieu
Our life on the iPhone for the last month or so...

A morning in bed with my boys..
I love when they sit still and watch some cartoons for a little while in the mornings with me
A shot Daddy and Ryder sent Landon and I while they were out having a guys night at the dog track one night
Getting in the Easter spirit...
I love Landon's "what is that on your head look"
He was clueless I slipped some on his head because he was so confused about what was on Ryder's head :)

Ryder went with Grammy and his Aunties' to the movies over spring break to see The Lorax.
He came home and showed me these photo booth pictures he took with Auntie Ally, and told me that he wanted them up on the fridge :) such a cutie pie!
Pretty sure he asked me to take this picture of him one morning.
He's my little goof ball
I have never seen an 11 month old get sucked so into cartoons...
such a little couch potato
I heart him
The inseperable duo
While I was packing for the beach one morning it dawned on me that the boys were being such angels. Ryder had pushed Landon into Landon's room and was full on entertainment for him while I packed. I wish mornings were that smooth every morning!
Texting Daddy some love one day before the beach while he was at work
Getting all the sand off of their little bodies after the beach before a LONG afternoon nap :)
Landon thinks the steering wheel is the coolest thing ever
Love that face!
Mimi, the boys, and I at Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3
Ryder when he first realized what this Disney on Ice stuff was :)
I love being their Mommy :)
Hanging out in the car while Landon sleeps in the car before the beach one day
Big kids push the the little while the Mommy's take a break :)
I LOVEEEE getting to see this sleepy face every morning
Ryder didn't want to walk at the park one day... so we did the best we could do
I got this picture from Grammy when she had the boys the other night...
Genius! We always thought we couldn't sit at high tops :)
I also got this picture from Grammy when she had the boys... Such a cutie pie!
When Ryder goes to time out Bubby does not like it.
He typically stands outside his door and screams for him :(
Sending Grammy his sad face because he wanted to go to her house...
She couldn't resist and let him come over for a little while :)
That's all for now :)

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