Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Time... It's so close!!

It was like spring time this weekend! I know there is snow in the forecast still this week, but I'm going to be a glass half full kind of girl right now and be happy that spring is so close we can taste it! 

I decided to detox my four year old from technology for an hour or so this afternoon, and take them for a ride on their Cadillac. We had plans to cook on the grill when Daddy got home and ended up spending some time in the yard. It was SOO refreshing!!

 Little man playing with chalk.. trying to distract him from wanting to play baseball
 He has improved so much since last summer! 
I think he's ready for a baseball team :)

 Blooms!! WooHoo!!
 He caught one... He caught quite a few actually :)
 This kid... so stinkin' cute... Just love him!
 They look really into this huh? Landon smiled like this and then said "All done"and was gone
 Love that smile.. and seeing him outside! 
He's logged way too many hours on video games this winter :(

 Miss Chloe... Always just hanging around

 Even more.. YAY!
 Little brother got to get into the action at the end 
 He need some work.. He would just stand like this forever haha
 My boys... My whole life :)

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The Yarbrough's said...

You sooo need to make a trip to NC!!! I want family pics done. :)

p.s. I saw a girl at the park the other day and she looked alot like you!!