Saturday, March 9, 2013

February 2013

Sorry for the longer then planned hiatus on the blog!

I have a great excuse since i've been putting all my free time into editing pictures and getting a website up for my new photography business :) Back in August when I had the idea of "starting my own photography business" I really just imagined snapping a bunch of pictures. The thoughts of websites, branding material, business logos, building websites, making business cards, getting company letterhead, and more never really crossed my mind. It has been a LONG 6+ months, but I am so excited about how far i've come. 

So that's my excuse... if you needed one :)

February started out with a bang for the Lutz family!! We were heading to Florida as FAMILY on a VACATION!! Unfortunately with our lifestyle and baseball for the past few years vacations just weren't something we could do. The word vacation typically meant I was visiting family while Derrik was in transition for baseball. The fact that he could take a paid vacation from work was so foreign for us! So foreign in fact that he never used his days in 2012 because we were so nervous to use them up. So between off days and 2012 vacation days left over we went to Florida for ten days and used only one vacation day up from this year!! Nice huh?

Daddy's first time flying with Landon and only his second with Ryder...
And Ryder is VERY well traveled on airplanes in his four and a half years of life!

The purpose of our trip was to get away from the cold weather and just relax at my parents. I had planned several photo shoots to get some pictures for my website (coming soon!), Derrik had gotten a few baseball games to officiate for fun with some of the guys he use to work with down there, and the kids and I had a quick trip to Disney planned. 

We flew in on a Friday night, and this is where you could find us first thing Saturday morning...

Trying to steal some donut while Dyson wasn't looking

Sunday morning my mom, sisters, the boys, and I packed up and headed to Disney for two days. We debated back and forth over whether the guys would come with for the trip, but in the end I think they got what they wanted. They went golfing and enjoyed the Super Bowl. 

Saturday Landon was a mess at the beach and of course he woke up really sick with a fever before we headed to Orlandon. What would a Florida trip be without one of my kids getting really sick?

We checked into our hotel and realized we were staying at the same place Dalton and Cole had stayed a few years back. Ryder and I took this picture to send them just like the one they have on their wall at home. 

Heading into the park

We are typically Magic Kingdom people on the first day, but we headed straight to MGM to see one special person....

Keeping his distance...

Ryder getting a photo op while his brother decides what he's going to do...

A little closer....
Still keeping an eye on him....
 This guy is cool... high fives all around

The money shot!

My big brave boy wanted one for himself

We also got to meet Wreck-It Raplh

And The Incredibles... slingin' webs together

This little guy was easy as could be in the park because he either slept or laid like this on me :(

We found two of our other all time favorites
Lighting and Mater

Even popcorn wasn't interesting enough to keep this sick guy awake :(
 Heading onto the Star Wars ride
Waiting to meet Woody and Buzz

Ryder was SO into this character thing this time. We didn't push Landon since he was sick... he just waved from the sidelines which he was totally fine with!

Ryder always says the tram ride to the parking lot is his favorite ride... the kid cracks me up!

We headed to go check out the new hotel in Disney which has some of the Pixar movies.
Anyone wondering if it's worth the money... totally! It is so amazing!! 

Ryder took a picture with every car from the movie, but i'll spare you and just go with the Lightning one :)

Landon and I with his fav... Nemo

When we got back to the room I got Landon in his pj's and laid him on the bed with his blankets to wait for pizza. He cried hysterically pointing to his pack 'n play. I put him in, and he was out in seconds... lights on, tv on, and everyone being noisy... poor guy was so sick. 

Minus my little guy being sick it was such a fun day!! The weather was perfect, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Day 2 didn't have quite as many pictures. Landon was SOO cranky. He was feeling better, but still not great which meant he wasn't just sleeping and was a hot mess. Plus the park was crowded. We still enjoyed ourselves, but not quite as much as day 1 :)

Our only group pictures at the Hawaiian hotel before we headed on the monorail into the Magic Kingdom
 Waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
A quick snooze
Enjoying the parade with Grammy
On top of the people mover waiting for the space ships.. the castle was so pretty lit up from way up there.
 Disney will do this to you.... The drive home...
 Tuesday we chilled at home... The whirlwind of flying, the beach, and two days of Disney pretty much exhausted us all. The only picture I have from that day is this picture of Ryder passed out on Auntie Ally's couch. Anyone who really knows Ryder knows that he LOVES being in his underwear. He was SOOO thrilled to be back in Florida so he didn't have to wear pj's every night.

Wednesday it was time to get down to business and go hang with some friends. 
Megan and Connor had just moved to a new neighborhood with an awesome kid pool and splash pad. We headed out to their neighborhood to hang out. 

Landon busy flirting with Makenna and trying to hold her hand

Ryder and Mr. Connor reunited... these two play so well together :)

 My attempt at another picture of these two
Love their faces in this while they cheese for Miss Megan's camera
 Dyson just does NOT do pictures...
 These two are giving him the look like "if you just smile for a second they'll leave us alone"
 We sure do miss these splash pads in PA

 My favorites to hang with....

The rest of the week is a bit fuzzy at this point... I do still have pictures to share. I just can't remember what happened when...

Derrik and I snuck off for a quick lunch together at Panda Express... our favorite!! They need one of these up in PA as well!

One morning while I was home working on picture stuff with my friend Gary Landon headed off with the girls....
 and Ryder got to go fishing with Uncle Ryan!!
I was SOO impressed that Uncle Ryan got such great pictures of their trip together

Enjoying a little relaxing time on the hammock with Daddy

A fun evening outside at my parents house....

 He loved this bike and flying down the driveway

Getting some time outside on our last morning in the warmth...

Such a great trip... now i'm home sick after looking at all the vacation pictures :( Good thing we head back again at the end of April!! 


Sarah Gardella said...

looks like so much fun. It had to be so hard to move away from that I am sure.

Connor & Mama said...

Love your pictures! Makes me miss you guys!!!!