Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin World

This year we went back to Pumpkin World to get our pumpkins. The past two years I had high expectations for the whole real pumpkin patch experience. Last year we got back from Florida way too close to Halloween, and this year Derrik worked every weekend day. Even though I took the kids to Corn Cod Acres, we opted to go to Pumpkin World to actually purchase our pumpkins with Daddy. To be honest, it's been nice both years. It's really a supply store, but out front is SOOO festive! We spend 20-30 minutes or so browsing all the pumkins, the kids think its the coolest, and we head on our way. 

And the pictures of Pumpkin World 2013

 I think he's screaming it has a 12 on it mom just like my bus!! It was really $12 :)

 Landon was liking the ones he could handle on his own

 Love when my kids set themselves up for pictures and say, "Hey mom take our picture!"... just wish they knew not to put the parking lot in the background or the sun in their face :) haha... one day they'll totally get it! Love this kids though!!
 Love this guy too!!

 Landon turns into some kind of warror ninja lately when I ask for his picture...
Makes me crazy, but int he end it shows his true personality :)

Pumpkin carving and painting up next!!

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