Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had such a wonderful Christmas!
My family wasn't supposed to come, but we got some last minute news on our house we were trying to buy (more on that in the next posts), and they decided they would come the Saturday. I even had already shipped their gifts to Florida which of course weren't there yet. So they didn't have presents on Christmas! Oh well… being together was way more important! My mom of course got everything together like a crazy lady that day, and they headed out on Sunday afternoon. Due to everything being so last minute we opted to not tell the boys. Instead they face timed them from in front of our house. They were SO confused! The looks on their faces was priceless :) I of course had tears in my eyes because I was so happy they were there. I had fully accepted a second year in a row that we would't be spending Christmas together… and instead we got them for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!

Their first morning there… Also Christmas Eve… my parents had to go get some stuff done. Us kids held down the fort and made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 
Then Ally and I made some Ritzies (thanks Aunt Karen for the recipe!)

Ally… just doodling… my doodles don't look like this :)
We all spent the rest of the day going different places here and there getting last minute things and gift done. By about 5PM we all arrived back home, and were ready to head to Me-Maw and Poppy's for Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange.

Someone was VERY ready to go!
Four little people who make Christmas very fun! 
So blessed they make the trek up here once again!
Anxiously waiting to get the go ahead to open their gifts!!

We had such a fun night over there. We were all spoiled with gifts, and so thankful for such amazing family. Once we got home it was time to get down to business!!!

The boys had been waiting ALL DAY LONG… or all Christmas season long… to hold Brutus!! Georgie, Auntie Ally and Auntie Hailey's elf, had flown back with Brutus the last night as well since they were at our house. They were so excited and so adorable about it. I wonder how many more years we will get of this with Ryder :)

 Some video footage of Landon talking to Georgie about how he wants goldfish for Christmas and talking about our nativity set

and a little bit of footage with Ryder in it… 

It was then time to put them back in the tree and say good-bye until next year… always kind of a sad feeling for the boys. 

The final site that night… 

Brutus left the boys a present in place of where he was in the tree the last night.
A little figurine of himself so they can remember him all year long :)

My sister's and my boy's stockings ready to go! 
and another year under our belts!! All smiles for a job well done another year! 
So I can't get videos to upload anymore in this post… Thinking maybe you can only have so many. I'm going to try to get them up in another post. Most of Christmas day we have on video. The kids were so cute about everything. So animated and excited! So here are the few pictures I do have… 

My wonderful gift Ryder got me from the school store :)
The boys loved their scooters!! They ride them to the bus every day we can… when snow isn't on the ground and all. 
 Family photo :)

 On our way to see Derrik's family… napping on the way to say hi at Me-Maw and Poppy's house...

 My photos at Papi's side of the family are limited as well… Christmas is always such a blur! I'm always too busy trying to keep up with what they actually got and stuff that it's hard to take pictures. Here are few though…. They were lucky boys this year! So many gifts from all three sides of the family :)

 little man on the way home…. 
We had an amazing day!! Thank you to everyone who made it so special :) We are truly blessed!!!

The next day was probably an even better one!!! Update coming soon :)

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