Friday, March 21, 2014


After uploading my pictures from our February I believe it can be summed up in three words: Snow, Sleep, and Super Bowl!

Ryder never believes me that Elsa sleeps with him so I have to take pictures
Lisa and Chris welcomed their little boy Caden into the world, and we got go visit him :)
 My hockey loving boys found Daddy's old Hershey Bears jerseys
My bed time partners when Derrik is at work
Sweet Caden's newborn shoot :)
 Sleep Anna
 This kid is off his rocker most days… he's nuts!

 Landon and Poppy cheering Cole on at his basketball game
 Sleepy kitties…
 sleepy Landon….
 Sleepy Ryder…
 Superbowl Sunday!!!
Aunt Robin celebrating with the boys! 
We are the champions! 

 Snow day… 

What happens when you go sledding instead of nap… asleep at 5 in your parents bed
 A snow day followed by an awful ice storm… our driveway was as sheet of ice
 Legos to pass the snow days
Handsome boy :)
He has serious love for his Anna
 Sleepover with Dalton
Came downstairs one morning and found them like this :)
Do you see how much snow we just kept getting? :(
Valentine's Day :)

We starting working on the potty in February… (i'm writing this in March and we are 100% except night time, but waking up dry about 50% of the nights… progress!)
Hinging with my boy while we waited for Ryder and some friends to get out of the Lego movie… Because I was the mean mom who opted to have him nap and skipped out of the movie with him :)

Here to save the day...
Love this cuddly kitty!

Do you see how high the snow was?! Thank God there are only a few patches left at this point! 

We made it from September until February sickness free… and then it struck again… 
Ryder's picture of George Washington from Presidents Day
So sick he put himself to bed this day :(

Ahh… homework… we have our good days and our bad days, but he's learning SO much!! 
Anna had to go to the vet, and he wanted to love on her on the way home :)
Some pictures from Ryder's sleepover at Jackson's house

My three little girls.. and my pain in the asses.. but I love them :)

Oh that honey! 

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