Monday, March 10, 2014


I want to say that January was a boring simple month for us because looking back I just think cold, snow, and no school… But we did move and get to new cats that month :) So minus the first week and the couple days we adjusted to our cats we spent the rest of the month pretty cooped up at home. The lovely name Polar Vortex worked it's way into our vocabulary, and we missed quite a bit of school due to below normal freezing temperatures and LOTS OF SNOW! It's been a cold winter, and that's not just this Florida girl saying it. There have been lots of records broken this winter. So here are some pictures into our lazy days of January…

First night in his bed in the new home. He spent the first week and a half in our bed or on our floor since Grammy and Mack were in his room. 
 Having fun on the air mattress that was still in our living room from Hailey
 Thinking warm thoughts…. didn't work
 Spent lots of time doing this… xbox… iPad… anything to keep busy
 This probably deserved a blog post of its now, but Ryder had to start a new school due to our move! 
 Here he is the day we dropped him off. 
It was a rough start due to the change of curriculum, but he is doing AMAZING!! I'll post all about it soon :) We are SO proud of him!
 I was so relieved once he was back home with us :)
 Homework… daily… and lots of it. This was a big adjustment for us! 
 Anyone else hear this song over and over again in their house? Let It Go is a huge hit around here. 
Love these handsome boys! 
Nini and Papa got both the boys their Hershey Park passes for the year as their Christmas present! 
We can't wait to put them to good use! 

I love the random days of waiting at the bus stop, and Ryder says take a pictures with me Mommy… and I haven't showered… can't tell him no though :)

Too cool
We love our sleepovers!

ANOTHER snow day

and some animal love…. 

That's a wrap on January :) 

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