Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our family grew by TWO….

We are cat people…
I think you either are or you aren't. 
When Derrik and I first moved in together the first thing we did was get a kitten.. Turbo :)
She was our first baby together! We had Chloe, but I had her before I met Derrik. Plus Derrik still takes no claim on Chloe. I think he does love her, but just does it to get under my skin! Fast forward a couple more years, and another cat starts coming around every night after we got home from the baseball field. After a couple of weeks of this we ended up with Hannah as well. We did our best to travel them all over the country with us. Derrik drove cross country multiple times just to transport them. It began to just be too much, and we found them their new forever home at Aunt Cindy's house. Go figure… they now live just a few miles away, but they are their family now. We see pictures all the time, and miss them terribly. 

Every since baseball was over, and we've became more settled we knew we needed some kittens in our life. We couldn't have them at our rental house, but the hunt began as soon as we moved in! It's not exactly kitten season right now so it was a little harder then you'd think, BUT we have found our girls!! 

We looked as soon as my parents headed back to Florida with no luck. Derrik then headed out of town on a work trip, and we obviously decided not to look that week since it was a family thing. I still checked every night, and on Wednesday night saw a litter of Calico kittens (just like Turbo, and what Derrik really wanted) at one of the humane societies. I text Derrik, and he told me to go check them out on Thursday morning. He was coming home Friday, and all the places require a turn around time so worst case i'd just fill out paperwork. He could check them out when we picked them up to make sure they were a good fit. 

So it was the two boys and I. As soon as we walk in the door their are two teeny tiny cute Calico kittens. We play with them through the cage a little bit, and ask if there are any more kittens. They took us back to a big room. There were two orange tabbys which the boys REALLY wanted all along, and a dilute Calico (a lighter version of a Calico which Derrik didn't want). Derrik had also specified that we were getting ONE kitten over and over again. (Sidenote: the boys want an orange kitty because Auntie Ally has one named Stitch. So all they ever said was they wanted stitch). The boys have the biggest smiles ever as they play with the orange kitties. I proceed to hole the dilute Calico because she is the sweetest prettiest thing. I tell the people that work there that i'll never be able to get her because my kids want an orange cat and my husband wants a calico. We take pictures like crazy of them all, and we then head out to check out the calicos. I remind the boys that this is what Daddy really wants so lets try to like them. They were both super skittish, didn't want us to hold them, and just down right not friendly. Meanwhile i'm texting Derrik pictures like crazy while he is in meetings in Arkansas. I knew it was something we'd never resolve over text because we were all on different pages with this kitten thing, AND they let you walk out with the pets… all they do is call your current vet to make sure your pets are up to date. OF COURSE! And they said their kittens usually leave the same day they go up for adoption because there just aren't many around. 

To my surprise I get a text back from Derrik that says, "That dilute calico is really cute!" I was so excited because I wanted her so bad. I didn't think i'd get my point across to him that the other calicos weren't nice in text message, or that we would have to take them right away before he could get home. I told him I loved the dilute calico too, but that the boys wouldn't even acknowledge anything but the orange kittens. My husband who is usually never easy going tells me to get them both! I was so excited. I explained to the shelter I really needed them to hold the kittens just until the afternoon because I didn't have anything. We rushed Ryder to school, and Landon and I headed to PetCo to get supplies. As soon as Ryder was out of school we headed to get our girls…. and they are perfect :) 

We named them Anna (orange) and Elsa (dilute calico) after the Frozen princesses. That movie is a big hit around here right now, and we were looking for two girl names that went together :) 

 Anna (left) and her sister… the boys wanted both of them, but I could hardly tell them apart!
 The picture that won my hubby over… Elsa

Testing out to see if they got along well with each other.. and they did great :)
 So they put them in the case together with a nice "ADOPTED" tag :)
All ready to go...

 Crazy pants waiting to get his brother from school…
 Ryder immediately handed me this out of his book bag… he made it at school :)
Anna and Elsa
Taking pictures in the parking lot to show Daddy we had our girls :)

 Elsa seemed to have slept in her box on the way home… meanwhile Anna was clawing her way out of the box. She was NOT happy in there!

Chloe hasn't been doing well lately, and I wondered what kind of effect this would have on her. Luckily it has done nothing, but bring some spunk back into her life :)

 Excuse the selfies… I was trying to show them to Derrik

 These two fight for my lap now

Our first night was great… Anna crashed on my bed, and I have no clue where Elsa was. She tends to go to Ryder's bed most nights. Anna is usually found on my pillow or my side. 

Miss Elsa… 

 and our Anna girl
 Couldn't make Miss Chloe jealous :)

 My five babies… 

We couldn't be more happy with our new additions.. I'm sure there will be many more pictures to come :) 

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