Saturday, February 14, 2009

And so it begins... another baseball season underway!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Life has been a little crazy yet dull lately. Lots going on, but nothing of much interest to write about. I guess we could call it the calm before the storm! We moved our office up here in Cape Cod into our downstairs so that took up some time. Derrik's been busy every night with his basketball referring and throwing to get ready for this upcoming season, I have been busy making lists and packing bags to get ready for the crazy next few months we have ahead of us, and Ryder has been busy turning into a crazy little man!

So Derrik is in Pennsylvania now. He left earlier this afternoon to head on his trip down to Florida for Spring Training. We had a last minute change of plans last night when we found out our SUV would not be ready in time for the trip. It is still in the shop from the wreck, and we would of had to wait until at least Monday to have it back. Obviously a bigger car would have been ideal given all the stuff we have (babies might be little, but can't travel light!), but Derrik really wanted to get down to Florida.

For those that don't know our plans over the next month and a half here is the plan... Derrik will hopefully be arriving in Fort Myers sometime Monday. Ryder and I fly into Fort Myers Tuesday, and we will be staying at my parents house until March 1st. We are so excited to be back in the town we still refer to as "home" for a little while. I can't wait to see some old friends, and get to meet a few babies some friends have had in the past year. I also can't wait to show off the little man to everyone :) On March 1st we will make the hour and a half trip up to Sarasota for a month of Spring Training. We have rented a house with two other couples on the team to stay in. It will be so nice to have some other girls around that month since the days can become extremely long with the guys at the field for hours on end getting ready for season. The boys have to report March 5th. We will find out at the end of March where we will be for the rest of the season. We are kind of assuming Derrik will be in AA again this year, but the AA team has signed on with a team in Zebulon, N.C. this year. Of course it would have been too simple to go back to a town that began to feel somewhat "home-like" to us in Chattanooga. We will most likely be renting an apartment either on our own or with another couple on the team, but are still kind of up in the air on what our exact plans are at this point. We have to wait and see were everyone gets assigned for the season.

Another last minute decision we made just this morning was to take our pets with us down to Florida. They were originally staying up in Cape Cod until we got settled during the season, but we didn't want to be without them for so long. After a quick phone call to Uncle Ryan this morning asking if he would mind housing Chloe, Turbo, and Hannah for the month we are in Sarasota (the owners of the house charge a ridiculously high fee to have pets there) we decided to plop them in our already completley packed car! It was okay though because there Daddy was extremely happy to have the company on his long trip.

Leaving this season leaves me with such mixed emotions. One moment I am beyond excited to get back to baseball, and the next moment I am over come with sadness. Baseball is our way of life at this point. I love my afternoons at the pool with the girls, going to baseball games every night, dinners with the girls when the boys are on the road, and getting to travel to parts of the country i'd never get to go to other wise. The best part of it all is getting to see my husband do what he does best, and getting to support him through it all. On the other hand though... There is such instability in it all. I am a huge family girl and being so far away from my family breaks my heart. I love the feeling of home, and leaving all of our stuff behind makes me sad. It is even harder this year to know that we are taking Ryder away from the comfort of home and onto the road for so long. I will miss putting him into his nursery and tucking him in every night in his crib. The pack 'n play just really won't do it for me! I packed up as much as I could of his to be able to make a pretend home for a few months. I am sure he will never know the difference... it's just a mom thing I guess. Luckily we have made some great friends in the past few years in this crazy world we like to call baseball which makes it a little easier.

We will be sure to have tons of updates in the next month or so with the whirl-wind of travel we will be doing. Check in for updates :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Love Always,

Ryder saying good-bye to his GiGi the other day
My Little Valentine
Like I said... Crazy Baby!
What happens after the craziness wears off... so precious!
One last family pic up in Cape Cod before Daddy left
Chloe, Turbo, and Hannah (in the travel bag behind Turb) all ready for their road trip south with Daddy
Chloe and Daddy getting ready to head to Spring Training
Soo... apparently my sisters know how to work my parents wayyyy better then Ryan and I did when we were little. When we were little we were lucky to have two pets at one time. My sisters have two yorkies Bella and Buddy, Jake our old man dog, Molly their goldren retreiver, Sammy their cat, and have now talked my parents into two new bunnies. They are adorable, but i'm pretty sure the girls have my parents so far wrapped about their fingers that they have totally lost their minds!!!
Ally and Onyx
Hailey and Thumper (the name keeps changing.. i'll keep you updated)
The Bunnies... Happy Valentine's Day girls!

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