Friday, February 20, 2009

The Lutz's in Fort Myers

Well we all made it safe and sound down to Fort Myers. We are pretty much settled at this point and enjoying it so much! Derrik has already golfed twice, and i've already gotten to see quite a few friends. I've found a gym to go to already with my friend Amanda. She has a little girl two weeks older then Ryder, and it's been so nice to catch up in the morning! Derrik has already been throwing with the baseball team he's thrown with the past two years down at Estero High School. Ryder is loving be out and about non stop, but can't stand the heat (and the people here still think it's cold). The little man gets the reddest checks and can't stop sweating. I'm not sure how he's going to survive baseball season!

Ryder got to meet everyone at our office down here. I was so glad they could all finally meet him... especially Dakota! Dakota is the son of Nicole and Kevin Smith who both work for the company. He is six weeks older then Ryder, but Ryder seems to be larger then him in pretty much every aspect. I knew i'd have a big boy before I even had him. Ryder also got to meet one of my best friends, Ashley, yesterday. We went over to her new house and spent a few hours catching up.

It has been so nice getting to see everyone. We still haven't gotten to many of our favorite places we miss, but we plan on that this weekend. We have a date tonight at Chili's... can't wait :)

Well Ryder is up from his nap and we are going to try to have some fruits for the first time this morning. We think he's ready to start eating solid foods more then once a day.

Ryder enjoying as few layers as possible
Ryder and Dakota finally meet
Checking each other out

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ally said...

hi sissy its ally i miss you guys sooooooooooo much and i miss the lil mans smiles and giggles tell everyone i say hi well i love you guys soooooo much talk to you soon.