Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 6 Months To Our Little Man!

Can you believe six months has past by?! It is so crazy to me to think six months ago Ryder wasn't around. Today i'm not quite sure what Derrik and I would do without him. We absolutely love waking up to him every morning and laying in bed with him at night watching him make us laugh before we make him have his bottle to go to sleep. He is really our entertainment around the house. All of you baseball wives just get ready... he'll be our new source of entertainment at the baseball games. He absolutely loves to roll around like crazy now. Changing his diaper has become quite a challenge! He loves to stand up on just about anything, and now loves to grab you by the ears and try to eat your face. It is pretty hysterical. He eats anything you put in his mouth. Today we even let him suck on a pickle for a second and it didn't even phase him. Not even a single funny look on his face. Ryder also drools like crazy!! It makes me crazy because I like a nice clean baby, but there is really nothing I can do about it. His new favorite toy is his wipes bag. He steals it from me while i'm trying to change his diaper, and it is pretty hard to get enough wipes to get him clean without a screaming match. God forbid you take a toy away from him that he is not done with.... he will let you know he wants it back.. NOW! Gosh what else... I could ramble on forever! He is eating solids twice a day now. We attempted three, but I still don't think he is ready for it. We'll move up to that later. Ryder loves to talk to himself in the car. He is still a pretty content baby. Lay him on the ground with a toy and he'll roll around with it for quite a while. He still can put himself to sleep. We will put him down totally wound up some nights and he just crashes on his own. Sleeping through the night is still a rough spot for us. With all the moving around though I can't complain. He very rarely gets out of his crib, but he likes to know we're still around and goes back to sleep. His actual size hasn't changed much this month... Thank God! I can't keep up with buying him new clothes. He looks so cute is all his short sleeve and short outfits. We're still working on his tan though. He looks like a ghost! We are beyond excited to spend his seventh month up at spring training. We head up to Sarasota in a just a few days... hopefully it's a great season coming up!

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Lindsay Crider said...

Cant wait to see his cute little face!!