Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm not sure i've ever gotten this far behind in blogging!!

We have been BUSY!!
I have also been busy snapping away on the camera. We have had a vacation, battled a hurricane, and all four of us have been sick. Also, trying to run a photography business means that sometimes my blogging time will be put on the back burner to edit photos, but I haven't blogged for four years to fall behind now.
Apple orchard field trip
Our trip to Florida
My friend Megan's wedding
Our Halloween party at my mom's

Some awesome pictures of my sister and her friends
Our weekend get-away to the beach
Getting our pumpkins
And hopefully some pumpkin carving pictures if we get around to actually carving them :)
We survived the hurricane just fine. Our cable flickered once and our electric held out the whole storm. We are so thankful for this!! Pictures coming soon!!

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