Thursday, November 1, 2012

Masonic Village - Our Trip to the Apple Orchard

We had such a great field trip to The Masonic Village apple orchard. I have to say that this was by far my favorite so far!! (Heather Denove.. If you're reading this... I was thinking of you the whole time we were there.. You would have been in heaven with all things fall going on!) I had asked Derrik to tag along with me for this field trip. He was off work anyhow, and a lot of dad's had gone on the previous field trip. Of course he was only one of two dad's on this one,but I think he enjoyed it.
The big apple tree when you pull in.. of course I forget the whole story behind it, but it's really old :)

 An attempt at a class picture... getting four year old to line up and smile is a big joke!
Some were off with the parents crying too... not their best attempt!

 Raya making sure she has the hands of her men while we walk to the orchard.

 Farmer Ted (I think that's his name.. I could totally be making that up) took us to a big barrel where they put the apples out in the fields. Once these are full they bring them back up to the farm to be sorted.

 Daddy manned this guy while Farmer Ted was giving his spiel about the apples.
 These two held hands all the way into the orchard and stood here like this for at least ten minutes...
Love does start young!!

 Landon and Charloote share a common love as well... FOOD!
We have so many pictures of them eating together in the couple short months they have known each other. I guess that's what little brothers and sisters do on field trips.
 We then heading inside to the freezer to see how all the apples are stored

 And sorted...

 By this point I was trying to keep Ryder from puking. He has a weird thing with smells all the time, and the smell of the apples in the freezer and then the cider was just too much for him. You could see his face getting pale. We had to walk him away from it all for a second.
But Landon didn't mind it at all!!
This apple cider was AMAZING! I'm dying to get back to have more!!

 We the headed back to the orchard so all the kids could pick their own apple.
 Kind of blown out, but I think you can see how excited he was :)
Anyone who visits we can go here just so I can get some more apple cider!!!

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