Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween at School

Ryder's school had a Halloween parade and party on Halloween day. I was very thankful that Derrik had off to watch Landon so I could help out without my little walking hurricane behind me destroying everything he can :)
Mario at the Halloween parade!!
 A shot of most of the class
 A group shot in the classroom
 Some circle time while we got the craft set up
 Mario and Captain America painting their bats

 Time for glitter! I have a final product picture somewhere when they came home the following week... I'll look for it.
 Next up was a game like hot potato except it was a pumpkin. When the music stopped if you had the pumpkin you wereo ut.

 In the end it came down to just Ryder and Alex
 And Ryder won! He got to keep the pumpkin!!
 It was then party time... loved these cupcakes!
 Ryder and Jackson... these two are quite the pair!
 Ryder and Mrs. Neuin
We had a great time at school for Halloween!!! 

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