Friday, November 16, 2012

iPhone Catch Up - October until today....

It's been a LONG while since i've updated random photos... especially when you see the change in our clothes from the beginning of these pictures until the end. Grab a cup of coffee for this posts.... LOTS of random photos!
We met up with Lilly at the park one day. They had a great time, but I think Ryder was traumatized after this!! Lilly wanted him to play "prince" and "daddy"... she even had his baby while we were there. This type of play is a little out of Ryder's league since all he knows is cars, monster trucks, and super heros. He still loves Lilly though :)
 Landon and Charlotte... eating together... again
 Showing off their new pj's Grammy sent them
 This was the first night they needed jackets and hats! It was also our anniversary Sept 29th.... I was so excited to put their cute little hats on them that night. I'm OVER it already!

 The kids went to the fair with Me-Maw and Poppy while Derrik and I celebrated five years at Hershey Park kid less... which meant we could actually ride the roller coasters after just looking at them all summer!!
 A few shots of Landon Jackson's mom Miss Jen took for us

 My sweet baby....

 My other sweet baby... he couldn't sleep this night. He just needed his Momma and was out :)
 Playground fun...
 That is Landon butt sticking up in the air... how does he sleep like that?!

 Some class pictures Mrs. Neuin had posted on her wall
 Before trick-or-treating

 Jackson and Ryder at Sydney's birthday party at Monkey Joes
(Someone should have warned me pre-school was the start of birthday parties ALL THE TIME!)

 Heading in to Hershey Park in the Dark
Ryder barely touched that blue line when we moved here... they grow SO fast!!

 This kid is ALWAYS dressed up silly! I think he takes after his brother-in-law Dalton. I swear every time I take a picture of Dalton he's dressed up too.

 Ryder's bat he made at the Halloween party
 I love when they just sit still like this
 Awww... sweet bums!

 We found out that Alex's dad, a friend from school, is a jockey at the horse track. Of course Derrik was thrilled as soon as he heard this with his love of the horse track. One night Derrik and Ryder headed up to watch the races and it just so happend that Angel spotted them, won two races, and asked Ryder to come into the winner's circle with him both times! The next time we had school they gave Ryder these pictures. I'm not a horse racing fan, but thought it was pretty cool!

 My sick baby all bundled up at the last soccer practice. It was a cold one!!
 Ryder's last goal of the season
 We celebrated with Friendly's with Nini and Papa... Thank You guys so much for coming to almost all of Ryder's practices!
 I loveeee this picture of these two!

 My little superhero pooped out!

 Bounce U with Jackson on a day off from school

 On a boring morning at home we decorated Landon's Lightning slippers
 Wore diapers on our head...
 and tried to help big brother practice his letters
 Ryder would KILL ME if he knew I took this. He is a very private potty person. He doesn't go but two times a day and needs privacy when he goes. He typically always holds it until we are at home. At Target the other night he HAD to go. I thought he look sooo funny!
 Heading up the hill at school to get his bubby
 Yesterday was "one of those days" at our household.... this was a rare sweet moment where one of them wasn't crying
 We love skyping with Auntie Ally!
 Landon checking out the construction trucks at his 18 month check-up today.
1 shot and a healthy boy!

 Ryder's Mayflower art project on the wall at school
 Shots suck :(
 someone else wanted in on the cuddle action and his picture taken
 We hope you enjoyed!

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