Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hunsader Farms: Halloween Festival

I hadn't really mentioned in the post before that our reason for our trip to Florida was for Miss Megan's wedding to Mr. Matt. Megan had asked for me to photograph their wedding, and I jumped on the opportuity. We had arrived into town Thursday night, I photographed the wedding Friday, went to the beach Saturday morning, had the Halloween party Saturday night, and then we headed off to Hunsader Farms Sunday morning. I left my camera home this day because in less then 72 hours in the Sunshine State I had already taken well over 1,500 pictures and was SOO exhausted. My elbow was actually hurting at that point from taking so many pictures. So our day at Hunsader Farms was captured on the iPhone. We had been talking for months about how we couldn't wait to go back because we had so much fun last year. I joked right before we went about how the pictures from last year reminded me of such great memories we had actually forgotten about how Erin got attached by a huge ant pile last year, there were HUGE spiders everywhere, and how it was SOOOO hot we really didn't enjoy ourselves that much. Although we all were cautious of the ants this year and the spiders were no where to be found, it was still HOT! We are got cranky and were over it sooner then we would have liked given our hour and a half drive to get to the farms, but now that I look at the pictures again I can't help but to think, "I hope we can go back again next year!"
Ryder and Sophia on the barrel train
 Landon and Dyson were big enough this year.. Last year they sat in their strollers eating baby food after the long drive while the big kids rode the train.
 We of course had to get our face painted again... Same shirt... and same painting as last year :)

 We then went to the trampolines... We waited a long time in a lot of heat for this quick jump!! But of course he loved it :)

 Landon and Ally chilled under the tree to try to get some shade.
 Onto the horse rides
 And then the highlight of the day....
The Frog Show!!!
Ryder raised his hand to be selected in the frog jumping contest... and was chosen for the 2nd frog.
 Ryder and our friend Addison had to see how far their frog Knee Deep would jump.
 Ryder getting Knee Deep out of the bucket
 If you look to the left of the white bucket on the white mat you can see how big Knee Deep was!!
 Their certificate of participation while we waited to see if we won!!
 In the end they ALL won.. gotta love fair games.. Ryder and Addison with their frog trophies!
Hunsader Farms... You are always HOT HOT HOT, but I look forward to seeing you again next year :)

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