Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enjoying the small things in between....

Our thirteen days in the Sunshine State were jam packed with all sorts of fun events as you have seen in the posts before, but we did have some less eventful,but just as meaningful downtown while we were there as well. I always feel like I have my camera in my kids face 24/7 when we go on these trips, but i'm always so thankful after the fact!!
We made it to Florida!!
They were thrilled to see their Auntie Ally!
 First priority.....
Go see our best friends!!!
Dyson and Landon reunited!
 The Foursome :)
 Landon LOVED his Jake and The Neverland Pirate pj's Grammy had waitng for him at home!!
 Our first full day in Florida I spent with Miss Megan on her special day so Grammy and Auntie Ally held down the fort with allthe kids
Ally took Landon and Miss Makenna swimming

 Megan had asked if Ally would be willing to babysit Connor after the ceremony. It was easier on the bride and groom to know Connor was happily reunited with his best bud and they could enjoy themselves. Everyone wins!

 The next day was our halloween party, but we managed to squeeze in a morning trip to the beach with some friends
Ryder got to ride in Mack's jeep!!

 Wish I could spend every Saturday morning with these guys like this
The house in the background was the house we rented for Ryder's 1st birthday... he thought that was pretty cool when I told him.

 I couldn't resist this photo op of Dyson totally worn out and ready for naptime...
Love him!!
 When we got home we laid Landon down and started prepping for the Halloween party.
Ryder helped mix the green pudding for the Frankenstein cups.
 Mario filling up his gas tank at the party later that night
 Love these girls!!!
Miss you guys already
 We had a few morning breakfasts at our old stomping grounds.. Philly Junction
 Ally wasn't thrilled about getting kicked out of the front seat all week :)
 The horse track Ryder set up in Auntie Ally's room one night
 Posing to send Daddy a picture one morning
 Enjoying some playtime at the park....

 We took Ryder to go see Hotel Transylvania while we were down there, and he had to pose by the Wreck-It Ralph poster!!
 Landon and I getting ready for his first go-kart ride!!

 Landon and Miss Makenna... This little girl ruled the house and my boys while we were there :)
 Landon's outfit one night while I was out with the girls... This kid has a weird sense of style and insists on wearing all this weird stuff all the time.

 Some photos from Auntie Ally while she babysat another night while Mommy was out with friends

 Ryder and Sophia at the Chic-Fil-A playground...
We REALLY miss Chic-Fil-A food and their playgrounds... we spent many afternoons here before we moved!
 Meanwhile my little man had been going downhill the few previous days and really hit rock bottom by Monday before our flight home the following day.
 Big boys in the bath tub
 I love my Ryder
By Tuesday both my kids had pretty nasty colds for our flight home.
I think everyone was having pity on me, but it was the easier flight ever!!
Ryder looked like this from take off until landing
 And Landon just snuggled on me and kept laying his head on my chest the whole flight. It was VERY relaxing!!

What an amazing trip!! I got to see one friend get married, another try on wedding dresses for her big day, spend lots of family time, visit with so many great friends, and enjoy the amazing weather!!!
I don't know when we'll be back again... but hopefully sooner rather then later!!
We will be back for sure 10/12/13 for Miss Amanda's big day!! Exactly one year after Miss Megan's big day!! So exciting!!!

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