Sunday, November 11, 2012


I am so thankful that my mom's Halloween party the past two years has taken the pressure off of getting a cute picture of the boys on trick-or-treating night. I only snapped a couple pictures the night of trick-or-treating because it was getting dark and the kids were on the go!! I thought it was SOO nuts that the towns around here all trick-or-treat on different nights, and not just Halloween night. Me-maw and Poppy's town trick-or-treated the Thursday before so we planned on doing that and hopefuly some more the following week. I was SOOO thankful that we ended up doing this early trick-or-treating because Hurricane Sandy ended up making Halloween week miserably wet and cold out. Add on the fact that we were all down in the dumps with some pretty serious colds, and we would have totally missed out! So now i'm thankful for PA and it's backwards ways :)
Below are just a few random snapshots I did end up taking that night...

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