Monday, November 5, 2012

CC Racing Reunion

Growing up I spent ten amazing years racing BMX with some of the most AMAZING people!! These people were family to me. We spent every weekend and holiday with them.  It was normal to me for "best friends" to live all over the country because we spent so much time traveling as a team to the same towns every weekend that I saw them more then friends from back home. We even spent a few extremely memorable summers traveling around the country with a huge truck and trailer in the capable hands of Miss Marie McGilvary wrecking havoc on every town we hit. We have memories that will last a lifetime, and finally all reunited ten years later on Fort Myers Beach to spend another memorable weekend together. It was absolutely insane to me that I haven't seen some of these people in ten years and some just a few times times since then, and it was literally like not a single day had passed. I am so thankful for Facebook that we all found each other again and could arrange this! We arrived down on the beach Friday evening to the Meola family waiting for us on the balcony... with this waiting in their room.... It must have been time for a party!!!
Thank God I don't like Jell-O and avoided these the whole weekend

Reunited at last... Team Manager and his Super Girl

We all brought down old plates, jerseys, pictures, and trophies to hang in the hallway.
 Sunset from the balcony as everyone arrived from all over
 Marie McGilvary... Missed this girl like crazy! In 8th grade we had to write a story about our "hero". She is an old lady being a whole ten years older then me, and I looked up to her so much! I thought she was the coolest girl BMX pro out there and even brought her plate that I had autographed when I was little. As the years passed she started racing for CC and became our "mentor" (I use that word VERY losely!!) quite a few summers taking us on the road. I have no clue how our parents thought of her as a suitable guardian thinking of all the crazy stuff we did, but we all turned out pretty good so she must have done a great job!!
 We thought it was only suitable to go get kicked off a go-kart track as soon as we were all back together
 Miss Priss Amanda never actually rode BMX... her brother Brad did and she always just got to go shopping in all the fun cities we went to... Still so glad I have her as my best friend now :)
 A few of us after the races
 After the races we were all starving so we headed to The Cottage on the beach for dinner and a drink
 After that we all headed back to the hotel, grabbed a bunch of chairs and pulled them all into one room, and unloaded a TON of old pictures. We all spent hours well into the night looking through all the pictures and having so many great laughs at how much we all had changed and the stories behind all the pictures.

 Saturday was spent on the beach relaxing, getting some sun, playing corn hole, swimming in the pool, cooking out, and some beach volleyball... At least for everyone else. Landon was under the weather so I spent a majority of my day in the hotel room with a sick guy :( It was still nice to sneak out for little bits and knowing everyone was around enjoying themselves...
We can still grill out as ghetto as we always did! I think this luggage carted around the coolers and food all weekend. It was even on the beach!
 My little fish swam all day!
 This guy perked up for a little while
 Love him!!
 That night the hotel gave us a gathering room. Mama Meola had cooked up a huge Italian feast for us to all enjoy. We all had such a great time like the old days and of course stayed up WAYYY too late knowing that in the morning it would all come to an end, and we'd all have to head our own way.

 I couldn't believe these guys still all had their old Troy Lee Designs shirts with their names on them.

I did not take enough pictures what-so-ever, but am so thankful for the amazing weekend we had!! I can promise it won't be another ten years!!
Next up... All the in-between fun while we were in Florida... we did have a little down time :)

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