Friday, November 2, 2012

Grammy's Halloween Party

Now that my sister's are a little too old to really enjoy trick-or-treating my mom now does a Halloween party for my sisters, their friends, and of course a few of her favorite little people. We planned the party with our trip down to Florida so we could be there to participate, and it didn't disappoint!! I have a ton of pictures to show our fun time....
Ryder's least favorite part.. Pictures... This was the best I got :(
He LOVES playing Super Mario and Mario Kart on his Nintendo DS and had decided months ago that was what he wanted to be.
 Miss Sophia wearing Mario's mustache since he wasn't having it!
 Auntie Hailey as Pebbles from The Flinstone's
 I may not have gotten Mario to smile above, but I will love this picture of him and his Auntie Ally forever... Auntie Ally dressed up as Luigi for him! Auntie of the year award right there!!
 The Reeves Girls

 Best Friends
 My little Nemo. Ryder wore this his 3rd Halloween, and we watch it all the time in the car so he got pretty excited when he saw it. He wasn't very excited to wear it though. The party started around his bedtime so he stuck around for group pictures and then was down for the count :)
Some of the Fort Myers Christian Middle School girls...
I miss this age so much!!
Party Food.. Yum!

 A photo of the whole group
 Miss Jamie and MaKenna...
My mom now watches Miss MaKenna during the week so we got to spend lots of time with her while we were there!!
 The trio back together again
Landon, Dyson, and Makenna
17 months 
 One of the few pictures he wasn't a complete blur in... This guys is ON-THE-GO!
 Wilma and Pebbles...
AKA Maddie and Hailey
 Time for the donut eating contest....

 He took it very seriously... even though i'm pretty sure he was the last one standing there
 Time for the Mummy Wrap

 My little man and his best friend :) It was as if not a single day had passed!
 Dyson really likes these cymbols
 Bobbing for Apples...
 In this picture Ryder is about to spit out his first big chunk. He couldn't get the pick it up concept and in the end his apple just had a bunch of chunks missing out of it.

 The next game they had to get gummy worms out of their whipped cream pie tray...

Everyone had so much fun!! Hope we can make it again next year...
Thanks Grammy!!

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