Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween - Pumpkin Carving

As I mentioned in earlier posts... We did things backwards this year getting our trick-or-treating out of the way the week before. We had been so busy after getting home from Florida that Halloween day came, and we had yet to carve our pumpkins! It was so nasty and cold out and the boys and I were sick so we opted to head over to Me-Maw's and Poppy's to carve pumpkins instead of trick-or-treating. I only had my iPhone on hand so most of the pictures are blurry, but you'll get the idea :)
The big guys getting the pumpkins cut open
 Ryder and Daddy about to pull the lid off the pumpkin

 Cranky pants and I hung out on the sidelines
 Ryder helped with the guts for the first time this year

 Once the pumpkins were cleared out the kids disappeared and the guys were left to do the carving... isn't this how it always works out?

 Landon's pumpkin

 While the guys were carving the boys were being really quiet.... They were in Uncle Tommy's new room in the basement... exactly where they weren't supposed to be!
 Ryder's batman pumpkin.... He's into superheros now... more on that to come
 All of the pumpkins lined up
 Our boys pumpkins
Ahh... finally done with the Halloween posts... only a week before Thanksgiving :)

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