Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

I had every intention of finding an amazing pumpkin patch and making a day of it with the family to go off on the hunt to find the perfect pumpkin. I mean if we have to live in the north we mine as well make the best of it and find the most amazing pumpkin patch ever right? Well... when we got home from Florida I realized that Halloween was approaching much faster then I had wanted it to. So we settled for Pumpkin World... I mean they must have had good pumpkins right? By the way Florida friends... big pumpkins are like $5-$10 here. I swear you have to take out a mortgage to buy pumpkins down in Florida they are so expensive!! Pumpkin World was really just a bunch of pumpkins set up outside a garden store. The boys had a blast picking out there pumpkins and really didn't know any different. Don't think I favored Landon with the camera while we were there. The truth is I was just the one stuck chasing after him while Daddy and Ryder hunted to find our pumpkins.
Ryder found the pumpkin he wanted immediatley and stuck to the decision over the next fifteen minutes or so while we browsed all the options we had. He liked it becuase it had the number 9 one it for nine dollars. Landon spent his time checking out all sorts of different ones. Tried to pick up ones that were far too large for him, and ended up settling on one just his size that he honestly just thinks is a ball :) I just love fall photos and pumpkin photos... enjoy!


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