Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Yesterday we had a really great field trip with Ryder's class. We went to a local garden center, and they had all sorts of fall activities set up for us to do.
Waiting for everyone to get there. Of course a chance for a photo op!

Our first activity was painting pumpkins.
Examining his pumpkin and getting a game plan..
 Hard at work
 There is the classic Ryder face

 Landon and Charlotte (Lilly's little sister) opted to snack on some gold fish instead.
 The final product
 Next up was a scavenger hunt which proved to be rather difficult. It had us parents all over the garden center while the kids followed behind begging us to do all the fun things they kept seeing.
We had to count all the pumpkins in the gazebo.
 At that point Landon wanted free to check the pumpkins out.
 After the scavenger hunt it was snack time.
Mrs. 9 made the coolest pumpkin and mouse cookies!
 Fishing for apples with no worms
 Finally time to play in the hay maze!

 After that we made macaroni necklaces (or pasta necklaces as Ryder called it). This did not hold his attention very long at all. The pumpkin bowling was really calling his name at this point!
 Landon went to check out some more pumkins while his bubby worked on his necklace

 FINALLY... allowed to get going on the bowling!
 Ryder and Alex were pretty awesome bowlers and got quite a few strikes!

 Meanwhile Landon enjoyed himself a little more in the corn pit... or maybe I did becuase he kept wanting to play with the pins in the bowling area :)
 Or run away like this!
We had such a great trip with all our new friends and look forward to our next field trip to the apple orchard next week!

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