Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Day Off

Before yesterday I couldn't have actually told you when the last time was that Derrik and I both had off work on the same day. Things have been BUSY around here! Thanks to a meeting that moved Derrik's Monday night shift until Tuesday morning we both ended up having the day off yesterday. It was such a great day!! We took Ryder to school, scoped out a few sites for upcoming photo shoots, got to watch Ryder play with his friends at school on the play ground for a bit, got some lunch at McDonald's, and did grocery shopping. Then after nap we took such a nice trip to the park, and came home to an amazing pot roast, carrots, and potatoes waiting for us in the oven!! I know it sounds like such a simple day, but I honestly can not tell you when the last time was that we got to enjoy just a simple day. We are constantly rushing from one thing to the next passing the kids to each other. I hope we have some more in our near future!! I'm kind of excited about the five vacation days Derrik has to take before the end of the year :) Of course, I snapped a few pictures of our time at the park....
Notice our park apparel sure has change a bit huh?!
 "Hello? Is anyone on the other end?"
 Watching his big brother attempt the monkey bars
 Do you like his pose? He's such a goof ball!
 Landon taking his turn wanting to be a big boy.

 Ryder is actually getting pretty good at them!!
 In love with the next two pictures!
I love Landon's face in this!!
 Landon was cuddling up to Ryder on the way home.. It was getitng really chilly!
 How gorgeous was the sky on our walk home?!
I hope life slows down a little more often for us :)
I love time with my boys!!

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Connor & Mama said...

Love love love the snuggled up boys in their escalade. Oh I miss them!